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What is Rakhi? You share a bond of love and care with your brother and in the upcoming Raksha Bandhan, you want to choose the Perfect “Rakhi” for him. So, how do you plan to do that? Choosing the perfect “Rakhi” is not an easy task. Here we have come up with certain useful tips that would help you choose the perfect rakhi for your siblings. Or you can discover rakhi from the best Ethnic Rakhi collections online that are in high demand. 

Pro Tips to Choose the Best Rakhi

Let’s get started:

His Age and Style Should Be Your First Consideration

If you want to choose the perfect “Rakhi” for your brother, his age and style should be your first consideration. While on the one hand kids like feathers, quilts, and their favorite cartoon characters on their Rakhi, elders prefer simple and elegant threads. Pick up the favorite color of your brother as you know him the best. 

Hand-made is Always The Best

If you are good at craft nothing can beat the cuteness of a “Rakhi” made by your hands. This is a great way to show your love and care. If you have some basic things with you, making “Rakhi” will be the easiest task. So, hand-made “Rakhis” are the perfect and the most suitable choices. 

Choose a Rakhi With a Personalized Touch

The happiness of your brother matters to you the most! Let him feel special by tying a “Rakhi” with a personalized touch on his hands. You may choose a “Rakhi” with his first letter on it. Else, you can choose to paste his favorite picture on it. You should do something which can make him feel truly special to increase his delight. 

Know What Different Types of Rakhi Imply

Each “Rakhi” that is available in the market has a different meaning. It is important for you to know what each “Rakhi” implies. For instance, sandalwood Rakhi is meant for those who have sensitive skin. If you think that your brother is susceptible to allergy or has sensitive skin, you should choose this Rakhi. 

There is a famous “Evil eye” Rakhi available in the market which keeps all the evils away from the life of your brother. 

Tie Him a Versatile Rakhi

Your brother would appreciate the idea of a “Versatile Rakhi”. For instance, pendants and charms can be worn on bracelets; unisex brooches can be worn on scarves and blazers, etc. So, versatile Rakhis are always desirable and high in demand

With An Auspicious Touch Means Blessings

Rakhi is said to be a celebration of culture and traditions. When you give your “Rakhi” an auspicious touch you would be able to make it much more special and meaningful. Hindus believe that tying “Moli” on hands can attract the blessings of Gods. “Rudraksha” bracelets are just wonderful and high in demand. It is believed that this bracelet can ward off the negative energies and is worn primarily for remaining protected. A “Rakhi” with “Rudraksha” can make him happy. 

Prefer to Shop for “Rakhi” Online

When you want to buy “Rakhi” you have to spend hours strolling at the market in the crowd which is exertion and you waste a lot of time also. So, this year you can choose to save a lot of time by shopping for “Rakhi” online. A huge ethnic rakhi collection online is available. Make sure to buy “Rakhi” only from a renowned online store.

“Raksha Bandhan” is the festival of eternal love between brother and sister and “Rakhi” is an integral part of this festival. So, let your brother feel special with the perfect Rakhi. A wide range of “Rakhi” is available in the market and you tend to get confused. Set your Rakhi Budget and keep in mind the preference of your brother. 

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