Beer! Some people drink it with taste, some people drink it all the time. Some don’t even know the taste of beer. Some people never drink beer because they think it affects them and consider it an intoxicant. Some even say that they did not like it.

In fact, few people know that Beer not only affects but also benefits. A recent study in the United States showed that beer is good for human health.

According to the study, people who drink beer have a much lower risk of developing kidney stones than people who do not drink beer. But drinking too much at once or more than your body can Beer is not beneficial. That is harmful to health.

How it benefits?

Studies show that people who drink beer urinate very quickly. Beer dissolves the main element in the stone and excretes it with urine. And it keeps a person’s kidneys clean. Another thing is that the kidney itself is a part of the body that seeks more fluids. It works to keep the body strong and healthy. People who drink less water also have more urinary problems. Problems with the kidneys appear when there is a problem with the urine. And many people have been seeing kidney stones lately.

Another thing is that those who drink beer are said to have less cholesterol if they eat a small amount of beer. Research has shown that it can help reduce the risk of stroke.

It is said that beer makes the blood circulation easier. Research has shown that beer also helps to strengthen the bones in the body. The silicon in beer strengthens bones.

Beer is also beneficial for diabetics. Drinking a glass of beer a day is said to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent.

Beer also strengthens the mind’s ability to remember. Beer is considered beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s.

Looking at it in this way, it can be said that people who consume beer by mixing quantity do benefit without harm.

Digestive system is also strong

Beer is said to strengthen not only the kidneys but also the digestive system of the body.

A study conducted two years ago at the University of London College also disproved the notion that obesity is caused by beer. The study concluded that obesity also decreases when the digestive system is strong. But researchers have found that beer increases appetite.

How much to drink?

Drinking a small amount of beer does not harm the body. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Some even force others to show up under the guise of drinking beer. That’s not right.

If you always have a habit of drinking beer, you can estimate how much you will drink. If you are not in the habit, you should start with a glass of beer. Because your body may not be able to handle the bottle-filled beer.

People who drink more water do not need much beer. If a person has a habit of drinking less water but can drink as much as he wants, it is not harmful. Beer also replenishes the amount of water in the body.

The US Food and Drug Administration has considered beer as an alternative to water. But when you drink beer, you have to take care that it also contains alcohol. It forces a person to drink only what he needs.

What time do you drink?

Beer drinking time varies according to location and experience. Some people drink beer as a working energy and support. Some people also like to relax after work.

But in a country like Nepal, there are very few people who drink beer while working. Here you can drink beer to give a feeling of comfort after work fatigue.

Some even drink beer regularly. Some even consider the Beer to be a happy charioteer only at festivals or celebrations. But in any case, according to the Nepali society, its use is understood by the experienced people to be suitable and appropriate in the evening or at night.

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