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The battery is the most important and most misused part of any smartphone. Many people complain that it has not been long since they bought a new smartphone, but the battery charge is not lasting.

How to keep your smartphone battery alive also depends on how you use and charge your smartphone. If you want to extend the battery life of your smartphone, here are some things you need to do:

1. Don’t let the battery charge drop below 20 percent:

When your smartphone’s battery level drops below 20 percent, start charging. Do not simply disconnect the battery and connect it to the charge.

2. Avoid overnight charging and overcharging:

Most phones are fully charged within a maximum of 90 minutes. So leaving the smartphone on charge overnight and sleeping is harmful for the phone. Even when overcharged, there is a risk that the battery will deteriorate quickly.

3. Don’t always charge 100 percent:

When charging the phone, it is better to remove it from the charger after reaching 90 percent battery level than to fully charge. This prevents overcharging and does not negatively affect battery life.

4. Don’t use slow charging and low wattage chargers:

Of course, everyone wants their smartphone to be charged quickly and easily. But it is not always beneficial to use a fast charging adapter to charge a smartphone. Using a normal 5 watt adapter may take time to fully charge the smartphone, but it is very beneficial for the health of the battery.

5. Use Power Saving Mode:

The power saving mode of a smartphone is not a feature to be used only when the battery in the phone is running out. Use Power Saving Mode when you’re not playing games or multitasking on your smartphone.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed:

Batteries consume more, as do Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Always turning on WiFi and Bluetooth on the phone can affect the battery in the long run.

7. Don’t use wireless reverse charging:

Using a smartphone’s wireless reverse charging feature a lot to charge other devices, including Airbuds, is not considered good for smartphone battery. This has a negative effect on the battery life of the phone. So use the reverse charging feature only when absolutely necessary.

8. Don’t use inferior chargers and charging cables:

When charging your smartphone, use only the charger that came with the smartphone or the related official charger or charging. Using a low-cost charging adapter or cable to charge a smartphone can have a negative effect on the battery. There is also a risk of overheating or unbalanced charging of the battery.

9. Don’t use Kamalas Power Bank:

When using a power bank to charge a smartphone, pay special attention to its power rating and brand. Do not connect low quality power bank to your smartphone.

10. Remove unnecessary apps:

Remove unnecessary and unused apps from the smartphone to improve the battery life of the smartphone. Also, for apps that aren’t really in use, turn off the app, which updates itself in the background, and turn off the refresh feature.

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