The world is facing a lot of pressure and disturbance because of the pandemic. Many changes are taking place, and it is happening everywhere around the world. The more changes that occurred due to this pandemic is in the educational systems and workplaces. The schooling system is shifting towards distance learning, where online classes are the only option to carry on the schooling. Opening school is way too risky than we think, so schools are not opening, but classes are online. Now the teachers and students are adapting to the new way of learning and trying to cope with it. As a result, many websites are helping students cope with their education, such as Law Essay Writing. Now the vaccines are here, but opening schools can still be a bad option and unsafe for kids. While some schools are planning to reopen, parents are finding a new way of learning which is distance learning, more suitable, and some parents do not want to take risks of sending their kids to school at these crucial times.


How can parents turn these crucial times into useful one for kids?

As the Coronavirus is making things difficult for the kids and parents, the parents can convert this time into a productive one. It is necessary as the kids cannot do any activities they did in their schools and not get a platform by staying at home. If your kids are returning to school again, it can be exhausting and different for them, and they might feel many emotions as well. It is possible and undeniable as they could not meet their friends, and they may have no hope of returning to the good time of life again. It is the situation where parents have to think out of the box and provide their kids with the things that can help them practice new life skills. Life skills can assist your kids in learning about how they can organize and manage the emotions and transitions they face. It helps them with their cognitive, social and emotional development.


Moreover, it does not matter what age your kids are, and various life skills are helpful and will make your kids learn many useful things. So this school year can become perfect with such life skills for your kids. The experts have made it clear and simple that kids learn better through exploration, hands-on activities and play. So here is an entire breakdown of the most useful and amazing life skills that can help your kids this year of school by age group, with the recommendations for how you can also link them with academic life.


Preschoolers of age two to four

  • Cleaning

If your kid is good at identifying and sorting knowledge, then proceed to work. Ask your kids to keep their toys back in the appropriate containers after they are finished with playing, sort their stationery and books on the shelves and properly line up their stuffed toys on the side of their bed. You can also ask them to help you with your laundry sorting.


  • Number learning for emergency

If your kids do not know your cell phone or telephone number, they teach them for an emergency. Teach them how they can also dial 911 when they see something not appropriate or are in danger. Check if they know the home address. If not, then teach them and make them learn it and tell them why they need to memorize it. List down the important number on the sticky paper or any paper and stick them in a place where they can see and learn them.


  • Choosing clothes

Teach your kids how they should dress up according to the places and weather. Tell them about the clothing that is appropriate for an activity such as a tracksuit for running and jogging if your kids are going to school then teach them how to set out their uniforms or clothes after they come from school and how they can prepare their things and clothes for the next day.


  • Setting up the table

Make your kids learn how to set up the table for breakfast, lunch and diner. Which plates and glasses they need to set up on the table for different times is what you can teach them. Make them learn about setting the other tables, too, like setting them up with a flower vase and family photo frames.


Kids of age group five to seven

It is a good age at which kids like to feel like a grown-up and help the elders. But you need to figure out when to help them and leave them to solve their issues independently.

Carrying our basic tasks of cleaning

With vacuuming and cleaning sinks, you can ask your kid to help your sort out the trash. Tell them what they recycle and what they should throw away. Teach them why recycling is important and throwing trash in its proper place to keep our place clean. So it is a good time to teach them about climate change.


  • Sorting and preparing laundry

It is time that you teach your children that how they should wash clothes. Make them learn about the washing of white and black clothes secretly plus all the coloured ones separately.


  • Making bed and maintaining cooking skills

Making the bed is something that we ignore and do not teach the kids about it. So it is the age group ad time when you can teach them how to set their beds after and before going to bed. Then you can teach them how to cook and develop their skills in cooking. Teach them about safety precautions in the kitchen and different materials to use for cooking different things.


Children of age group eight to ten

  • Gardening

At this age group, your kids can learn gardening from you. Teach them about the science of plants. Let them know which plant is for which fruit or vegetable. Talk with them about different sorts of soils and which one is the best. Make them aware of the insects that can eat the plants and destroy them.


  • Use of basic tools

Screwdrivers, Hammers, wrenches, and many more these tools are fine to give your kids at this age. But keep them under your supervision and tell them the right place and way to use them. Teach them different repairing skills.


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