What Legal Action Should You Take If You Are A Victim of Domestic Violence In Australia?

Any form of violence with or without any reason is a criminal offense. One person should not even think of manipulating another person using violence, and the witnesses or the person receiving such ill-treatment should readily take preventive measures.

Here we discuss the crime of domestic violence in detail and what steps you should take if you are a victim of this crime.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is also called family violence. It occurs when one person in the family uses violent means to manipulate another member of the family. It may come in the forms of threats, insults, violence, psychological manipulation, or intimidation and may be committed by a guardian, a partner, or any other family member.

What Types Of Domestic Violence Are Found?

Physical violence is not always involved in an abusive relationship. There are other types of equally affecting abuse, each of which is an offense. Types of abuse that are generally found include the following.

  • Physical Abuse

Any direct physical assault like slapping, kicking, punching, strangulation, pushing, or shaking is an example of physical abuse. Perpetrators sometimes also use weapons or objects. Other examples of physical abuse include denial of food, throwing of things, and property destruction.

  • Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse comes in the form of rape, forced sexual intercourse, sexual insults, refusing to use a condom while doing the intercourse, or forcefully limiting access to contraception.

  • Verbal abuse

If someone uses vulgar slang to another person, gives threats, insults, humiliates, or yells unnecessarily, it will be treated as verbal abuse. Verbal abuse usually includes body shaming, sexual slurs, and bullying about one person’s ability and intelligence.

  • Emotional Or Psychological Abuse

If a person is found ignoring or blaming another person, treating them as inferior, it will come under psychological abuse. Other examples of emotional abuse include frequently questioning their ability, emotional blackmailing, frequent bashing, and suicide threats. Recently emotional abuse has increased as perpetrators can easily stalk another person using GPS tracking, monitoring their phone calls and emails.

  • Social Isolation

Sometimes, individuals are isolated deliberately from their friends and family by one or more family members. It prevents the victim from contacting those persons, thus making them deprived of any support.

  • Financial Abuse

Suppose someone from your family restricts your access to family bank accounts. In that case, other financial sources like pensions or wages provide you with a meager amount, hides financial assets from you, prohibits you from going to work, or sabotages your important meetings or interviews, then you should take immediate legal action.

  • Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse happens when a person’s cultural or religious beliefs are ridiculed and prevented from participating in any cultural or religious gatherings.

  • Child Abuse

Any abuse committed against a child will be treated as child abuse.

  • Elder ABUSE

Any abuse directed at an older person will be called elder abuse.

  • Neglect

If someone fails to meet another person’s essential psychological or physical requirements, it will fall under this category.

Regardless of the type, you should always seek advice from a qualified domestic violence lawyer if the case has crossed all limits.

Who Can Be At Risk Of Domestic Violence?

Anyone in the community can fall victim to domestic violence, regardless of their status, income level, age, gender, culture or race. However, usually, women and children are the most affected victims, and in the majority of the cases, perpetrators are found to be male.

As per records, the risk of domestic violence is highest when there is a breakdown in the relationships. Several risk factors for domestic violence include unwanted pregnancy, alcohol addiction, etc. Most commonly, women or children with specific disabilities are affected by domestic violence.

What Are The Effects Of Domestic Violence?

People can be affected by domestic violence in several ways. It becomes tough for them to come out of the mental trauma after the incident. They feel anxious, scared, lack confidence, experience trouble sleeping and concentrating, and feel isolated.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you may notice changes in your behavior. You may always want to avoid any topic surrounding that person, or you may feel that you deserve such a treatment, and you should not blame anyone for your experience. If such a mental condition occurs, you should become very careful because it may be a sign of depression or a psychological disorder resulting from repetitive abuse.

Whenever you feel such a thing, you should look for family lawyers in Perth for better advice.

What Action Can You Take If You Are In An Abusive Relationship?

There are several options that you may go for.

  • If you feel you are in danger or have been threatened or physically assaulted, you may immediately call on the Australian emergency number of triple zero.

  • You can also call the Police for legal protection.

  • If you remember someone who can help you, call them. The person may be a family member, a friend, or a professional counselor, and they can help you decide on the next steps that you can take. With the help of that person, you may make a structured plan.

  • Sometimes, confronting the perpetrator may also work. If you think it is possible, firmly tell them that you do not like their behavior.

  • If children are involved in the incident, you should first find a safe house for you and your children. After that, you should contact the police for immediate protection. And then, you should hire a qualified domestic violence lawyer in Perth to carry out the necessary legal action.

  • You may require specific therapy to recover from the impact of such an incident. Different treatments include self-esteem building, supportive therapy, trauma therapy, and self-empowerment techniques, and you should contact the specific clinic or person to get it.


Domestic violence should never be neglected and should be handled with immediate effect. Family lawyers Perth, WA, are always there to help you, and you should contact the top-rated agency to find them.

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