Sydney Lash Lift

Lash lifts are essentially the perming of your natural eyelashes. The promises in length and volume thanks to silicone molds to curl the lashes.

Using specialized treatments to take your lashes from straight to high or a soft curl you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful eyes for 6 to 8 weeks.

With no regular maintenance, just wake up & go.

No matter what age, this is a treat you can get any time you want, whether it be for an occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

You can be assured it will enhance your appearance, allowing you to achieve your desire for a stunning and low-maintenance Beautifeyes look.

Do you have to wear extensions for longer?

Are you tired of the maintenance of extensions for your lashes?

Do you have gorgeous eyes that you would like to be able to look at?

With years of experience and a professional team, We’re here to provide you with the top service to add the curl and beauty, for a look that is even more stunning.

What are the benefits you can expect From Our Friendly, Professional Lash Lift Sydney Service?

Elegant Curls:

Let’s share your Beautifeyes dreams…Our professional service will beautifully curl your natural eyelashes without any harm.

We offer non-invasive treatment using silicone pads that lift the lashes away from their roots to give longer curls.

Get your hair open and refresh those eyes by embracing cool curls. frame your world in the way you want with a glamorous style.

Enhance Darkness:

Cut the darkness of inner self with the darkness of mascara!

We can pair the tint with lifting the lashes to give greater thickness and darkness.

The possibility of getting allured and dark lashes in about 8 weeks using our professional delivery.

Without fake extensions, much discomfort, or damage to natural lashes, our lash lift is best as it is unique.

Keratin Infusion:

Find your beautiful and perfect appearance…

To keep them longer and look more fuller we also use keratin infusion.

Keratin will give strength to your lashes and cause harm. A completely glue-free treatment.

Ideal for all kinds of eyelashes.

Doesn’t matter if you have longer or shorter lashes, our keratin lash lift can perform.

The treatment gives a person naturally long lashes with a lasting curled effect. Maintenance care is also much easier than eyelash extensions. Since Lash Lift uses your natural lashes, you can still use mascara and lash serum every day.

If taken with care lash lift treatment will last about 6-8 weeks (depending on the person’s natural growth cycle) or more days with proper care and maintenance. We do not advise clients to wash their lashes for 24 hours, steam their face or put their face in hot water so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the heat lash lift solution.

Who is the lash lift suitable for?

For those who are looking for low maintenance lash enhancement, a lash lift is best which brings out the best in your natural lashes. Since lifts last six to eight weeks, they are great for low-key holiday beauty.

Is the lash lift safe?

While we want everyone to pull the laces nicely, there are some situations where we can’t lift the lash at Lady Lash. These are known as contraindications, where the negative effects of treatment may outweigh the benefits. If any of the following disadvantages sound to you, we suggest you refrain from booking for a Lash Lift – but if you have any questions, please contact our friendly Lash & brow experts. Beautifeyes

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