Yahoo Error 554- Message Not Allowed Problem

Yahoo error 554 is the most common error on the Yahoo platform. It is generally facing while sending an email, so it is an email-related issue. This error occurs when the server confirms your email id as spam or your IP address is put under the ignoring list. Sometimes, if the receiver’s email address to which an email is sent does not exist, then also this error number shows up.

Some of the indications of this error are

  • Continuous display of error message on the web page of the browser
  • Communication is blocked completely
  • Email sent jumps back to the sender automatically

Before jumping into the solutions for this problem, let’s start with the reasons which can cause this error:

Sending of spam continuously

If you are sending irrelevant or spam messages on regular basis to any of the recipients, this could be problematic, as doing this will result in a partial or permanent ban from sending emails anymore.

Wrong time settings of the system

Sometimes, false date and time settings of the system can result in the non-delivery of emails to the recipient. If this is the case then you should correct the date and time.

Any virus or malware

It might be that any virus or malware is causing the non-delivery of emails and this can be easily corrected by using an Antivirus scan, for this purpose you can choose any of the Antivirus.

Sending huge emails

If you are sending a number of emails within a short duration, this could result in the ban of further sending of emails. To avoid this keep the limit in mind while sending.

Presence of any unwanted content in email

If your email has some unsupported content, this could also be problematic as sending the unwanted content in the email will result in a ban and to avoid this, attachments or content of the email should be taken care of.

Usage of improper IP Address

It’s maybe that while sending emails, the wrong IP is detected. So, to cope up with this you should not use the wrong IP and proper techniques should be used to make it correct.

So, these were the reasons for Yahoo error 554, and now let’s start with solutions that are to be taken care of:

  • Enter Correct Recipient Email Address

While sending an email to an individual, make sure you have entered the correct email address, as using a false email address can result in an error i.e., error 554.

  • Get Email Scan Using Antivirus

It is a must to take steps while sending an email, as doing this will scan the provided email against any threat i.e., virus, malware, etc., and will resolve the issue if any persists.

  • Storage Check

Sometimes less storage availability can create this problem, so the storage should be given a check before sending or receiving the email.


Here, a try is made to provide a complete guide regarding Yahoo error 554 & Yahoo error code 475, every solution and issue has also been added to deliver a clear idea of the problem. Even then if the problem persists, you may contact for more related steps for the solution.

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