WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has led many users to follow other messaging apps.

Telegram is also one of the successful apps for this. Just like WhatsApp, Telegram also allows users to hide their last seen.

Today we are giving you information on how to hide the last seen in the messaging app Telegram.

1. First of all, open the Telegram app on your smartphone.
2. Then click on the hamburger-like icon in the upper left.
3. Then click on the Settings option in the menu.
5. After doing so, click on the Privacy and Security option in the settings.
6. Then click on the ‘Last seen’ option
7. After all these steps, you can create a nobody from the default setting ‘Everybody’.
8. Now click on the right icon in the upper right and then you can’t see the last seen.
9. Finally click on the OK button.

In this way, the last seen in Telegram can be made invisible to anyone.

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