The case study in actual meaning is a BUSINESS REPORT. The case study of an organisation provides the details about the steps taken by the management for the solution of a problem and what were the results of those measures (the University of Colombia, n.d). The case studies are not very easy to develop and now there are dissertation helpers which provide help for the case study.

How do you develop a convincing case study?

Well, that’s an important question! The case studies can be developed through various methods like the online channels which provide dissertation case study help. These are good options but if you want to develop the case study on your own then there few important sections that must keep in mind while developing the case studies. The case study must be convincing and appealing to the reader.

There are five basic steps through which one can develop a successful case study for its office presentation or for presenting in the class and university as a semester project. The five steps have sub-sections in them and these are provided below.

  1. Select an Appropriate Topic

For developing the case study the title of the case study is very important. The main title should be effective and fundamental for the readers and audience. The title must provide a little explanation or hint for the information that is included in the case study. The case study topic also includes two important considerations for selecting the title of the case study.

  • Company Name

The company name is very important for the title of the case study. The case studies are generally developed for customers and students related to business studies. The title consisting of company name will make it easy and effective for them to identify or find the case study related to their concerned company. The company name with a logo is cherry on top.

  • Problem

It is quite possible that the same company has many problems, due to which there can be different kinds of case studies for the same company. While selecting a title it is important to add the problem or a few factors of the problem so that ease can be made in finding the case study related to the concerned problem of the organisation.

  1. Design a good structure for the case study

The structure of the case study is very important for the readers.  It is possible that in the case study the information is very authentic and precise but the reader is unable to find the related information in the case study. This happens due to unstructured information presented in the case study and here are some tips for developing a good structure.

  • Summary

The summary is very important in the structure of the case study. The summary section must be included at the start of the case study so that a clear perception regarding different sections of the case study must be provided. The summary must be concise and informative, it must include the different methods, problems, and result approaches regarding the problem for providing a clear view.

  • Headings and Sub Heading

The case study has two or three main sections which include the introduction, main body, strategies section, and the conclusion with recommendations. In those sections, the most important is to add subheadings for different points. Just like in conclusion you can add a subsection which must tell about the limitations and future considerations of the company regarding the problem.

  • Numerical Data

The numerical data is important for providing clarity regarding success or loss in the revenue. For example in your case study, you write by following the particular strategy Amazon faces a backlash which results in huge revenue loss. This is not clear; make it clear with different sections by pointing out how much money it loses in that crisis.

  • Formal language

Use good and formal language for the report. The inclusion of local and casual language is not appropriate for the case studies. The case studies must be written and presented in a formal way. The use of good language style makes the report more appropriate according to the level of organisation. a multinational company case study must not be written in non-formal language.

  • Make it look Beautiful

The case study must look organised, appealing, and beautiful. This can be done through proper structuring and adding extra effort to the reports to make them look beautiful. Just like the table of contents, and pictures make the report look more beautiful and aesthetic in approach.  The table of content can be added for direct reach to the required section.

  1. Discuss the strategies

For solving a certain problem, for sure the organisation had followed a strategy or a group of strategies. The strategies are very important to discuss in the case study as it helps in developing extra potential in the case study. The strategies will provide a clear view of how the company solved such problems and it can be set as a benchmark for other companies.

  1. Include graphical representation of data

The fact sheet and long tables telling about the values are very boring and time taking to read. It is recommended to develop the graphical presentation of numerical data and statistics so that everyone can easily understand the increment in revenue. The graphs can make it easy for mentioning the highest profit along with the year making it much easier indeed (the University of Toronto, n.d).

But you must understand not everyone can understand the graphs easily!

For such a problem, it is important to include a marking scheme or variable naming in the graphs. For example on the highest peak of the graph, you can add a text box explaining the maximum profit, variable of profit along the time period. This kind of added information is very important.

  1. The case study must be complete its information

The content provided in the case study must not be less or inadequate regarding the discussed problem. The report must include every aspect of information for providing complete knowledge regarding the solution and problem. A good case study shares whole information so that reader must understand the overall problem and how a company develops the approach for solving it.

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