We all know how important packaging is for a product. It is what gets the customer interested in buying it, and more often than not, that is the deciding factor. You want to leave an impression on your customers.

You do not want them to forget about you after they have left your store. That means creating exceptional packaging for your products. If you are a pre-roll retailer, make sure that you have exclusively designed custom pre roll boxes. This will ensure to get you more customers and increased sales.

This blog post will teach you 12 steps you can take to create great packages for your products that will get noticed by potential buyers.

Requirements of Product Packaging

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfil and some factors that you need to keep in your mind before starting the packaging process.

Take a look below and get an insight into the prerequisites of packaging.

Understand the Retail Industry

The retail industry is not easy, and competition is one of the reasons. You need to know and understand how people buy products in a store before you can make an impact on them through your packaging design.

Consider their Buying Behaviour

What are you selling? Do they have time for that? How much money do they want to spend on buying it from you? What other options do they have available where they could purchase it from or invest more in something else instead? These questions will give insight into what kind of package would be perfect for your product.

Choose Your Target Audience/Market Segment

You first need to select who you are going to target with this marketing campaign. If your products are designed for the elite class, then you need to provide them with luxury packaging as well.

If you are a cigarette retailer, you need to have the cigarette boxes wholesale in cardboard material. This will ensure enough protection for cigarettes and also will help in boosting sales.

Know Your Competitors 

You need to know what your competitors are offering to the customers. Make sure that you provide your consumers with something new and exclusive. Only in this way will people be intrigued with your products. One way to do this is to make your packaging design remarkably good so that it has to potential to grab customers’ attention.

Know What Makes Your Product Unique

You need to know what your product is unique for. This will help you in making the packaging design more attractive and appealing. You can add on features like a clasp or magnet so that customers are able to open up the package easily without damaging it too much.

Steps of Creating Perfect Packaging Solutions

We have compiled a list of important steps that you need to follow in order to have exceptional packaging for your products.

Choose the Packaging Stock Wisely

The material of the packaging that you choose in order to create your design will depend on what is being sold. Items like food items need disposable wrappers or containers, and they are usually made from paper, plastic foam, metal foil, aluminum foil, or cartons.

Artworks should be placed in hard-board boxes with a cushioning layer, while garments can be packed using polyester fiber bags. You also need to consider if it’s necessary for the packing itself to have any built-in features such as handles which make it easier for people to carry them around without putting too much strain on their hands and fingers.

Design Your Packaging Properly

Once you’ve chosen the perfect stock, then there comes designing your packaging. Hire a professional designer that provides you with free prototypes and shows you the sample of packaging designs.

The Printing of the Packaging Boxes

The first thing you should know when it comes to printing is that there are many different types of packaging boxes, and not all printers can print them. Choose a packaging company that provides offset and digital printing. Get your logo imprinted in an attractive manner. In this way, your customers will remember you for their future purchases.

Choose Your Packaging Boxes Carefully

Decide on the size of the box your product will be shipped in. Every time a company orders new boxes, they get charged for shipping. So, keep an eye out for bulk deals that could save you money in an effective manner. Also, choose the boxes that are sturdy enough the stand the shipping hazards or harsh environmental factors.

Think about how the boxes will be stacked when they are delivered to your warehouse.

With Shipping Boxes: Size Matters

Use the online design tools for creating custom-sized boxes, packing, and label tape that can make shipping easier in an efficient manner. Create a template of all sizes before you order products so as to avoid any surprises or mismatches on delivery day.

Measure every box with a ruler before ordering anything from overseas manufacturers because sizing is not always standardized across countries nor between suppliers within one country.

Keep the Packaging Design Subtle in Nature

Do not overdo the packaging design and keep it simple. Make the design attractive but not too over-embellished. The idea is to keep it clean and clutter-free on every product that you are packaging so as to give an experience of simplicity and orderliness.

Ensure You Can Read What’s on Your Packaging Design

It is important for customers to be able to read what’s written on the box or package in case they need information faster about your products, such as company name, ingredients list, content description, etc.

Keep this in mind when designing a label or packing tape. Do not use a font size smaller than 12pts because people with visual impairment will have difficulties reading them at all.

The Final Words

If you want to make an impression on your customers, it’s time to think less about the shape of your box and more about the packaging design. You may not realize how important this is until you’ve seen some terrible examples.

Just like any other marketing strategy or campaign, there are certain rules that need to be followed in order for a product package design to work well. Make sure you’re following these guidelines if you don’t want people looking at your products with disdain instead of awe.


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