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Creating Custom Packaging Boxes That People Will Find Hard To Resist

When it comes to real life and marketing, these are two totally different things. For instance, it’s not all about looks in the real life when it comes to market, the story is completely different. For brands to make a first impression, good or bad, they only have about 7 seconds. That’s not a lot of time if you think about it, especially with a lot of tough competition outside. This means that the Custom Packaging of your product is perhaps the key component on which all decisions are going to be based. If you want to convert leads into sales, you need your packaging to do its magic. Because even before the product, the packaging is the first thing they are seeing, and their decision is being based on what they are looking at.

Therefore, in order for you to close the deal, you need to your packaging to be appealing. In this piece, we have shared how to come up with customized boxes that will be hard for people to go by, and how important are these in marketing.

But why is packaging so important in marketing? Have you ever wondered? Owing to this very reason, nearly every customer takes less than 5 seconds to make their decision to buy a certain product. They make their decision based on visual appeal. If their eyes are liking what they are seeing, customers buy the product. The color, size, shape, and design all have a key role to play in this decision. Therefore, in order to convert sales, you need your Customize Boxes design to be eye-catching.

Now let’s get to creating packaging designs everyone will find extremely appealing and eye-catching.

Direct, Simple Packaging

You must have heard this a million times that simplicity goes a long way. You are trying to solve people’s problems through your product. This solution should be clearly stated on the packaging. The minute they set their eyes on the packaging, they should be able to know what the product is able to do and how.

It Should Be A Standout

We agree that simple packaging is highly necessary. But still it needs to have that ‘Wow’ factor as soon as people set eyes on it. The reason for this is that you and a lot of other products will be sitting side by side on the counter shelves. All of the products will be vying for the attention of the customers that walk by. If your product is not able to ‘Wow’ them more than others, you won’t have the sale named to you. You need your product to stand out. The key here is coming up with a design that’s not too dull, but at the same time not too busy. You need to find a balance between the two.

Tapping Into the Emotions of Buyers

We, as buyers, May you realize it, but 80% of our decisions are based purely and solely on our emotions. We make decisions when we feel are emotions are being tapped deeply. Its thus very important for brands or companies to create a packaging that connects with the emotions of the buyer. The buyer should feel like they have a sense of connection based on feelings and certain emotions that they hold dear to them. Eye contact is perhaps one of the best ways to do that. Also, you try to understand this connection and what it means to you.

Product packaging should be able to do the same. It should be able to make an impression that buyers pause and take some time to look at your product. In that moment, their emotions and feelings should be captured. The product should be able to win their heart so that they buy it, no matter what. Its best that you try to incorporate certain colors, shapes, designs and images on to your Cartridge Packaging, food items jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, apparel and more that are able to elicit the emotions you’re looking for to capture their hearts and mind.

Incorporate certain colors in your product design to elicit specific emotions. People love adorable animals and babies but are also drawn to strong, edgy designs. The purpose of your product will dictate which emotions you focus on.

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