Title IX allegations are increasing in the United States. These are necessary to protect the sexual rights of students. If you are wrongly accused under this law, a Title IX attorney can help you come out of it. 

More about the Title IX cases.

What is Title IX law?

Title IX is a federal civil law that protects students against sexual misconduct in educational institutions. The law clearly defines sexual misconduct, and it includes rape, inappropriate touchings, sexual assault, etc.

In all federally-funded institutions, there are compliance officers who are the first point of contact in case of reporting such allegations. 

A title IX charge may negatively impact your career. There are high chances of dismissal or suspension from the institution. 

Your name may even enter the sexual offender registry. The government incentivizes educational institutions to take immediate action on these cases. If you are wrongly accused, then the law will jeopardize your future for no fault of your own. 

How can a Title IX attorney help you?

The attorney will detail to you about possible consequences and your legal rights. The attorney will also argue from your side to help you get a minor punishment if you are at fault. 

They can help you come clean if the accusation is incorrect. It is difficult to prove your innocence in cases of sexual misconduct due to a lack of evidence. 

Sometimes, complainants file a Title IX case against the defendant even when the sexual act had mutual consent. In such cases, only an experienced attorney can help to prove your innocence. 

The Title IX process:

  • When the school receives a complaint under Title IX, the first step is the collection of preliminary information. 
  • The authorities will inform the defendant about the case. 
  • An investigation process will take place within two to four weeks. 
  • The parties can get information about the final report from the Title IX coordinator. 
  • If you are a defendant in the case, you can contact a Title IX attorney or advisor while the investigation is ongoing.
  • Based on the report, a judicial hearing will take place. 
  • There is a scope of appeal in some cases, which you can avail of at your convenience. 

On the whole, the process may take up to 2 months or even more. 

Concluding thoughts

If you are facing a Title IX allegation, you can look for details of an experienced attorney online. Many firms offer free first consultation, based on which you can choose your legal advisor. Think no more and get in touch with an attorney today itself.

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