Everyone nowadays is increasingly concerned with their own personal appearance, including their skin and hair. Many people have hair loss and are concerned about baldness as a result of their unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, the number of people who want to get hair transplants is on the rise. You might be wondering if the hair would regrow following a transplant, as others have. Don’t worry, Panacea global hair service (Best Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR) is here to help you with any hair transplant questions you may have.


1- After two weeks, transplant: According to the most prominent hair transplant clinic in Delhi, the patient will experience hair loss at this time, which is a natural period of development that is known to cause anxiety and panic. At this time, the separation of the only hair structure with an important component, the root follicle, is expected, and it’s critical to stress that the separation of the only hair structure with an important component, the root follicle, is both intact and safe. Shedding causes a new hair structure to emerge, which is always healthier. There will be no obvious changes during two weeks and a month.


2- Four months after hair transplantation, hair regrowth: The transplanted hair begins to sprout, but it is thin and unable to penetrate the scalp, causing folliculitis. If the discomfort becomes unbearable, you should seek emergency medical attention at your Clinic. Some individuals mistakenly diagnose folliculitis as an infection. If it’s an infection, however, it’ll be followed by signs of inflammation that appear over time. Folliculitis and its symptoms, on the other hand, improve within 10 days.


3- It takes 4 to 8 months for the hair to grow back following a hair transplant: Hair begins to form at a higher density between the ages of four and eight months. The hair structure will continue to improve in terms of coloration and strength, even if some hair is not colored and appears brittle.


4- What is the average rate of hair growth?

Hair growth became more evident after eight months, and the pace of growth quickened. In a year’s time, the hair will not have changed significantly. The operation’s final result will be apparent at that point. Minor changes can take months to complete.


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