Various car accidents occur every day, and teen drivers cause a significant percentage of them. Be it a distraction, intoxication, or simply reckless driving; teens have always been known to cause problems on the road. Now the question that remains is who pays the damages. 

Accident Caused By A Teen Driver

If you are involved and injured in an accident caused by a teenage driver, you may be worried about who will pay for your damages. Do not be saddened as there are various ways you can get compensation. You may contact a Houston auto accident attorney to understand these options. 

Who is liable for the victim’s damages in a teen car accident?

When a teenager causes a Houston car accident and injures another party, their parents are legally liable for the victim’s damages. The parents are obligated to pay the damages to a certain dollar amount for medical expenses, lost wages, intangible damages, etc. However, remember that the parent is not liable for any unintentional accident. For example, hurting another player accidentally while playing a sport is not considered intentional. 

However, liability for car accidents is different. Here, the child’s intent is not considered important. Whether the child intended to cause an accident and injure the other party or not, they still need to pay the damages. Since teenagers do not usually have their own insurance policy, the victim party can file a claim with their parent’s insurance company. 

In the case the child has their own insurance coverage, you can file a claim directly with their company instead of their parent’s. 

What if the car that the teenager was driving was not owned by them or their parents?

For the parents to be liable for their teenager’s fault, they need to be aware that their teenager was driving the car. According to the law, if the parents allow a careless child to operate the car, they are liable for the accidents they cause. However, if the parent had asked their teen not to drive, but they still chose to, you may need to speak with an attorney to understand how you can prove liability from the parents’ part. 

Suppose if the parents prohibited the teenager from operating the vehicle but still kept the car keys in a place where it was easily accessible by them, then the parents can be held liable. 

What if the teenager’s acts were intentional?

Sometimes when a person intentionally causes an accident, it becomes evident after investigating and analyzing the facts of the case. It is important to note that insurance policies strictly exclude malicious or intentional activities. 

If it is found that the teenager’s acts were intentional, their insurance policy may refuse to pay you. In this case, your attorney may suggest filing a lawsuit. 

Be it one or another; an attorney will try their best to bring the highest compensation to you. Contact one today. 

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