We all know that you have to put your mobile in airplane mode as soon as you board the plane. But do you know why it is necessary to keep the mobile in flight mode at such a time? What happens to flight if flight mode is not turned on?

Is there any disturbance in the plane? What could really be the effect? Today we are telling you about it.

Turning on the flight mode after boarding the plane will also benefit you along with the pilot. So how When the plane takes off in the air, the pilot receives a signal to communicate with the tower below.

In the latter case, the ground towers provide the necessary guidance to the pilots. Such communication takes place through radio frequencies. You may have seen the pilot wearing headphones.

The pilot is listening to the instructions of the control tower through the headphones. When a person on a plane turns on the flight mode of their mobile, i.e. the airplane mode, then the SIM card in it starts scanning or searching to find the signal of the mobile towers on the ground.

This type of mobile activity can disrupt or affect communication between the pilot and the ground station. That is, it tries to block the communication.

As a result, instead of the sound of the control station of the ground station on the pilot’s headphones, the frequency interruption of your mobile starts making a squeaking noise.

When as many passengers on the plane turn on the airplane mode on their mobile phones, the communication between the pilot and the control tower becomes interrupted and the pilot cannot hear the instructions.

From this, the pilot does not get to the ears of the pilot such important information about the weather ahead, no other flight is going. Not only the pilot of the plane, but also the control room at the ground station plays an important role in making the flight fly safely and in the right direction.

In addition to this, while searching the signal of the tower on your mobile, you also start to see the problem of heating. Due to both these reasons, the airplane mode is kept on the phone and it is a rule to turn it on during the flight.

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