If you use Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp, while chatting with friends and people close to you, fingers are tired by typing, then no more, we are going to tell you a trick today without which you can use WhatsApp.

Without opening and typing your message, you will be able to easily send the message to whomever you want to send.

With the help of this trick, you will be discharged from the hassle of typing the message, but for this there are some steps which you will have to follow.

1) First of all, you people have to unlock your smartphone.
2) After the phone is unlocked, open the Google Assistant in the phone.
3) As soon as Google Assistant option opens in your phone, then after that you don’t have to do much, all you have to say is send WhatsApp message.
4) As soon as you send a message on WhatsApp, Google Assistant will ask you to whom you want to send a message on WhatsApp, that is, you have to say the name of the person sending the message.
5) For example, if you want to send WhatsApp message to a Y person, then you have to say to Google Assistant, send WhatsApp message to Y.
6) After this, a message box will appear in front of you, after this you speak your message which you want to send.
7) As soon as you say the message, you will notice that the message will be automatically typed in the message box.
8) After typing the message on speaking, you do not have to do anything, just send the message.

One thing to note before sending the message is that the contact list of your phone should contain the name of the person to whom you want the message.

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