Ulyanovsk State Medical University

Ulyanovsk State Medical University was set up in 1988, and a profit independent institute of public higher education situated in an urban setting in Ulyanovsk oblast (population is estimated to be around). 500,000 which were officially recognized by the ministry of education and science of the Russian union is the smallest university in Ulyanovsk town. The university was set up by the minister’s council to open in the Ulyanovsk branch of the state college of Moscow. A branch of the state university of Moscow in the city of Ulyanovsk was converted to the University of the State of Moscow in 1995. At that time, 200 students were enrolled in the state university of Ulyanovsk. Now, Ulyanovsk state medical college is combining the classic university tradition with the new trends in the foreign education system. The state university provides the development of ethical, scientific, and cultural values of society through quality training, which outlines the future expansion and social infrastructure of the main sectors of the region’s economy.

Ulyanovsk is one of the largest institutes of higher education in the state university of the Volga region comprising six institutions, seven independent faculty, two collaborators, six teaching centres, and many foreign study centres. The university recruits 16,000 students from about 200 foreign nationals in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. At present, it appoints one teacher of 138 doctorates and 623 students of college science degrees holders.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University provides courses for a recognized higher education degree like master’s, bachelor’s, and doctorate degrees. This institute of 29 years is a selective admission policy based on academic grades. The entry rate range is 70% to 80%, which makes the Russian higher education organization a fairly selective entity. The international student’s welcome to apply for enrolment, the educational procedure has been fully developed with the state educational standards of Russian characteristics.

Accommodation – International hostels are operated for students. Boys and girls have different wings like hostels have attached toilets or washroom facilities, Wi-Fi internet, medical facilities, Yoga, laundry, etc.

Facilities – Several educational and non-academic facilities and services have been organized for students, such as housing, library, sports activities or facilities, financial support, study and exchange programs abroad, and government services also.

University Library – Ulyanovsk is over 1000000 copies of state medical university library books. The university library has a digital library system; the university provides a username and password for each student to arrive 24/7 for student information. The university also has separate reading rooms. The library has a unique national and international collection of books in English and Russian languages. The student need not buy any book; all books will be provided by the college library for free of cost. The student may purchase books for one semester by showing the student identity cards from the library. The student must return all the books after he or she has completed the semester examination, only if they can get all the books for the next semester. Marking, writing, or underlining library books is strictly prohibited. If the book is misused, taken roughly, or lost, the student concerned must replace the book, or pay the current market price of the book.

Weather – Ulyanovsk weather is a continental-influenced climate. In July, the average temperature is 27 °c and in January the average temperature is around 20°c.

Student Health and Guidance – All students must buy an annual medical insurance policy which is about 8000 rubles in value and has not been included in the tuition fee structure. Consultants provide competent and friendly staff for the guidance of all students. All responsibility of the staff is concerned with career advice, student administration linkages, development of student bodies, counseling, and assistance in all aspects of student life. Employees arrange regular meetings with all students in case of any issue, but not less than four times a year.

Student’s Life – International students who study MBBS in Russia in the state medical university of an age – critical in one’s life were usually very happy, enjoyed their studies, and happily recommended their superior academic standard and superior quality of higher education facilities to other students. The most essential part of affected student life is the value of time that a student needs to do his work on time as it does not wait for anyone. The university offers unique opportunities for the study and development of students in a highly practical manner. Student’s discipline, punctual, support each other and leads a dignified social life.

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