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Recyclable Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are recyclable packages manufactured from cardstock, paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard. Different packaging companies specialize in the manufacturing of these packages and offer competitive wholesale prices. Not all of them are equal in terms of the level of expertise, customization range, customer service, and printing options.

For this reason, critical evaluation of their services is a must before you decide to opt for one of them as your packaging supplier. Numerous retail brands are facing a tough time in the proper selection of packaging vendors. So, here is a list of some top packaging manufacturing companies along with their specifications.


It is a leading cardboard box company in Australia. It is dedicated to providing its superior packaging services to valuable clients. Some of the salient features that make it a top packaging manufacturer include:

  • Unlimited design support
  • Fast lead time
  • No minimum order quantity for custom packaging solutions
  • Organic manufacturing materials

The company majors in cardboard packaging and gives the complete assurance of no extra or hidden prices. It offers the most acceptable price estimation when you fill out its quote form. The team of specialists at the back end gives you the correct price judgment by analyzing the design specs. It is renowned for delivering the best design consultation. The design consultants are fully aware of the present packaging design trends and help you design cardboard packaging.


This company has been operational in Australia since 2010. Since then, it has emerged as a great packaging vendor offering error-free customized solutions for a cardboard box. Here are some of the Bing points that make this company a stand-out choice for the customers:

cardboard box

  • On-time delivery with rush ordering option available
  • Advanced digital printing
  • Premium products in bulk
  • Reliable services

They have devised an exceptional customer care unit comprising professionals who are always all ears to listen to your concerns. Make sure that your queries are answered well so that you may not have any doubt regarding the packaging procedures.


They use premium quality material to manufacture packing card board boxes to keep your products undamaged during long shipping journeys. Also, sell other protective packaging materials, such as packing fillers and tapes, to ensure your shipments are damage-free.


This company facilitates its precious clients with a range of illustrative box styles, layouts, and sizes. It lets you personalize the packages in different shapes, such as rectangular, pyramidal, cylindrical, or square cardboard boxes. Some of its profound services include:

  • Best and competitive retail and wholesale prices
  • Free shipping under certain conditions
  • Expert design suggestions
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing

The customization options this company provides are impressive and one-of-a-kind. It has the latest die-cutting machines at the service of its potential clients. Who can make unique cutouts on the packaging boxes according to the particular product needs? The die-cuts made on the lid or sides of the packages are not charged for a single box style. To add to your spectacular liberty, they provide you a range of options in selecting the desired stock thickness.


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It is one of the best packaging companies to rely upon when you need quality packaging solutions quickly. Under its standard shipping plan, pledges you to provide the custom orders within 12 business days with free shipping all over Australia? It cares about its overseas clients as well and charges them only marginal prices. Its rush shipping plan is world-famous because it guarantees the delivery of orders to customers’ doorsteps within 12 business days.

This plan comes along with a price even in Australia, but the charges are too low that they go unnoticed by the customers. It enjoys the reputation of a packaging vendor that ensures the best cardboard box wholesale prices with no quality compromise. It has set strict protocols within the manufacturing vicinity to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the process.


Pack Queen is another good name in the packaging world that provides high-quality cardboard packaging. It is one of the few companies that help small businesses with low minimum order packages. Having an in-house manufacturing facility, it can deliver the orders within a short time. It has set stringent policies regarding the green packaging standards at its facility.

This is why we see they use recyclable materials in the manufacturing of packaging. Apart from the materials, they use the best inks, such as soy-based and water-based. These links do not release any toxic carbon compounds to affect the consumers or the atmosphere. The adhesives and coatings they use are free from any chemicals which showcase their commitment to the environment.


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Express Packaging is a premium manufacturer based in Australia that strives to provide excellent printing services. It has special printers equipped with the latest digital, offset, and screen printing technologies to produce the desired printing results. All these technologies pair with CMYK and PMS techniques that allow the customers to switch to different printing modes in terms of colors. The number of plates changed during printing technologies does not charge separately and is free of cost for a single box design.

The company encourages its potential clients to send them the design file in an acceptable format to guide them through the process. It does not seem reluctant to make revisions and changes to the design according to your anticipations. Some 2D and 3D mockups offer without any extra charges to let the clients anticipate how their design will look.

When it comes to selecting a suitable cardboard boxes manufacturer,  are so many things are happening in customers’ minds. All of the manufacturers listed in the above discussion offer reliable packaging services with a few competitive edges over one another. Before deciding, it would help if you went through your exact requirements, such as budget, convenience, and design.

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