pre roll packaging

Over the years, the popularity of pre-rolls has increased as quickly as the recreational market. They now have a great perceived value that makes them ready to sell. But, customers are not concerned about just the pretty face of your product. They consider the design of pre rolls packaging as well. Without effective packaging design, it is challenging for the pre-rolls to achieve any success. Working out how to create a design that uplifts the standard of packaged pre-rolls can be difficult, especially for small businesses. This is why we have simplified everything you need to know about making a brilliant box design.

High-end materials:

The sole purpose of pre roll boxes is not just to tell details about your products or simply draw attention. They must have the ability to protect the delicate pre-rolls from spoiling or other damaging impacts. While making purchases, the customers are concerned about nothing but the quality of the items. If you are investing in flimsy materials to manufacture the packages, it will not help your cause of impressing clients with quality. It does not even matter to the buyers that how good your pre-rolls are if they get damaged on the way. So, investment in high-quality materials for your packages is inevitable. Determine the level of delicacy of pre-rolls and select the right cardboard variant to provide the necessary protection. E flute corrugated cardboard, for instance, works best if a product is more prone to physical and environmental stressors.

Engaging style:

For your products to be successful, pre roll packaging must have the ability to break through competitive shelf clutter. If it has some ordinary style, there is a high chance you would not make a good impression on the target audience. Till the very moment, tray and sleeve box design is rendered as the best. Go for it and amaze the potential clients with a model slide-to-reveal unboxing experience. Or carve out some innovatively patterned cutouts on the front-facing side of the packaging for a stand-out shelf impact. The more creative you get with the shape of cutouts, the more is the probability of convincing customers to purchase.

Reasonable size:

If you are selling and shipping pre-rolls, it is pertinent to consider the size of custom pre rolls packaging. The best approach in this aspect is to stay within permissible parameters and weight requirements. Most businesses tend to disregard this important detail in the designing process. The result is they have to pay more shipping charges because of the unnecessary space occupied by the packages. They may even need to invest in the padding materials to fill in the excess space inside. A reasonable or personalized size of the packaging would keep the inside items protected while also costing you less.

Exciting printed design:

The outside of the custom pre rolls packaging is as significant as the products packaged inside it. With the success of pre-roll products in the market, everyone is jumping into this business. Considering the market shelves filled with similar items, you have a few seconds to hook the attention of potential clients. It is very rare that the customers compare every product prior to purchase. They simply pick up the items based on the attraction factor. So, create a compelling packaging design by printing your signature colors, graphical portrayals, and a few attention-grabbing illustrations.

Functional Opening:

The pre-rolls fall in a product category that needs to be examined before the potential clients pay for them. Considering that, it is important for you to introduce a functional opening in the design of your packages. You do not have to think of some out-of-the-box solutions in this aspect. A simple lid providing easy access will do the job. If you want to reflect a bit of creativity, you can go for a magnetic closure design.


Buyers very rarely compare every individual product before purchasing. They simply decide on the basis of product packaging. As pre rolls packaging serves a great deal in priming the customers, paying attention to its design details is indispensable. Keep your focus on the aesthetic and functional aspects of the packaging design to attain the undivided attention of customers.

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