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When planning to get the most artistic apparel packaging, box manufacturers are often the first choice for many brands. They offer reliable boxes made with custom detailing.

Apparel markets deal with clothes, shoes, and relevant accessories. It is a cumbersome task to get packaging that deals with every product requirement and provides branding too. Packaging boxes are not just your basic box builds that provide mere protection to the apparel items. Though it is the primary task of effective boxes, modern apparel packaging goes beyond this primary facet to offer customer retention. Without a loyal customer following, brands are unlikely to survive the intense competition.

The advent of online selling portals has upped the game for apparel brands. They can now opt for multiple selling channels by incorporating boxes that suit the same. Using the services of box experts has become a natural choice for brands that have limited time and finances to deal with a zillion packaging issues.

Who are these box makers?

We regularly come across printing houses offering their support for customized box making. Not many of us completely understand the services they provide and also don’t give much significance to the potential they hold to uplift the brand image.

In reality, box makers are expert box designers and engineers that create exceptional grade boxes, fit for every custom brand need. The apparel markets need professionally made packaging boxes more than anything else.

Many apparel brands believe that the basic brown boxes are sufficient and do not think that customized boxes are an added advantage to boost brand recognition. They are, unfortunately, at a loss of potential brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Packaging is the face of any business. Especially, in the apparel industry, where a high number of competitors thrive, it becomes vital that there is enough brand differentiation for customers to spot the brand among others. Otherwise, the brand image can get lost amidst the excessive noise.

Get to know the amazing features of branded custom boxes

Several facets of hiring professionals for crafting apparel boxes have more benefits than you might give credit to! These are broadly termed as below:

  1. Saves time

Time is money is any commercial activity. Getting third-party box designers to create ideal apparel boxes works to:

  • Concentrate on more crucial business issues. Not having to go through tedious box crafting and styling means more time at hand to invest in other business areas and make the core products even better.
  • Obtaining improved box results. Professionals are pro at creating just the right apparel packaging that is perfect in every sense. Hence, the boxes would achieve enhanced effects.
  • Speeds up the packaging process. Printing houses churn out boxes in the sated time. This means that the business won’t have to waste waiting periods and piling on labor costs too. The apparel boxes would arrive on time and ensure timely distributions.
  1. The box look is on point

As discussed at the start of this article, the apparel boxes are considered an apt tool for branding. They must be designed as so and convey the required marketing content too.

Pro box stylists have the right experience with customer demographics to know precisely what works for whom. Every apparel box can be labeled for the intended customers along with improving marketing prospects.

For example, the boxes can be printed with the business name and logo. Box designers suggest the most ideal printing effects, colors, and fonts along with the best box space to place these on to maximize visual effects. Next, the packaging engineers craft above-ordinary box shapes that sync well with the product type and brand image.

Customers are quick to notice exceptional box appeal. Particularly, the apparel markets are filled with appearance-conscious customers who look for the most fashionable items. How can brands communicate that they are the best choice among the lot? The boxes of course radiate branding like no other! Brands can’t possibly cover all these box angles by themselves and so hire specialist branded box manufacturers for the task.

box manufacturers

  1. Create an individual brand look

Before everything else, brands need to carve a niche spot in their apparel consumer markets. This is the basis on which brands would sustain longer and enhance profit levels.

Apparel makers have to cater to different customer markets and create boxes that are not only crafted with reliable materials but also capture customers’ imagination with them.

Today, eco-friendly materials are given more importance than a decade ago. Box makers have the right box printing mechanism that uses bio-degradable box materials and converts them into pieces of art. They offer a wide spectrum of color palettes, font choices, graphic printing, and custom box alterations. Apparel makers have to pick the ones they feel go with their ideology and brand identity to get their ideal boxes translated into reality!

Buyers are extremely aware of what they want to buy and how to lower their negative impacts on the environment. They thus, desire to pick apparel brands that offer sustainable packaging. box makers ensure that the brand gets known as a responsible entity without indulging in over-the-top box designing.

  1. Tick mark cost-savings

One of the primary reasons box stylists are a hit among apparel brands is their ability to create exclusive boxes within budgets.

Using unconventional designs and tricks coupled with a state-of-the-art printing press, the per-unit cost of apparel packaging can be brought down to fit within fluctuating financial resources. What does this mean for new apparel brands?

They can compete with established companies using innovative branding on the boxes. And ensure that they deliver the apparel items in their best forms. Both these features attract repeat orders and spread a positive brand image among customers.

When all the positives of box branding get affordable and more professional there is only to gain from utilizing the services of box manufacturers!


The above are just the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty of possibilities with using printing houses for making apparel packaging.

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