Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are awesome for long-run food storage and are perfect to complement vacuum sealing. But how? Kraft mylar bags offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) because of their thick foil laminate layer.

However, providing three layers of protection from the means of moisture, light, and odor. The biggest benefit of mylar bags is that they are extremely flexible and thin, while also being very strong and durable in nature. Moreover, they are puncture-resistant and simple to utilize. You can preserve the nutrients of your food by the opacity of the bag.

You can preserve the food for months in direct print mylar bags. However, you can keep the food fresh for months or years longer than traditional food storage methods.

Therefore, utilizing mylar bags with window in conjunction with oxygen absorbers can add more time. Hence in some cases, you can store food for up to 30 years.

Mylar bags comprises various uses and advantages:

  • Long-term food storage in need of emergencies
  • Saving valuable paper documents, for instance, house deeds, legal paperwork, or cash
  • Protecting photos, comics, sports programs, magazines, postcards, and books
  • Camping and hiking
  • Long-term storage of shoes and clothing
  • Medium-term storage of herbs and spices
  • Medical and pharmaceutical items
  • Packaging products for instance coffee and tea
  • Preventing corrosion
  • Packaging car/auto parts
  • Storing CDs, vinyl, and DVDs
  • Holiday storage
  • Packing for vacation
  • Firearms and weapons storage

Mylar Bag Food Storage Duration

Nuts, chocolate or candy, crisps or chips, dried eggs, nut butter, crackers, brown rice (Brown rice is rich in oil content and has a short shelf life. However, foods high in moisture or oil content such as nuts, raisins, granola, cookies, chocolate chips, and crackers are not ideal candidates for long-term storage in custom printed mylar bags. As a result, these foods will suffice for keeping in long-term storage, but you will require to rotate them out more often as they will expire sooner than grains.

You can store Dehydrated meat (beef jerky), yeast, dry biscuits for one to three years.

Within mylar bags you can store Baby milk/formula, cornmeal (maize flour), herbs (ground), powdered milk (full-fat), sprouting seeds for 3 to 5 years.

You can save Alfalfa, gluten, granola, herbs (whole), millet, mung beans, quinoa, peppercorns (whole), peanut butter powder, powdered milk (semi-skimmed), powdered egg, rye, unbleached flour, wheat flakes between 5 to 10 years.

You can store Black turtle beans, black-eyed peas, buckwheat, butter/margarine powder, chickpeas, cocoa powder, Durham wheat, flax, white flour, whole wheat flour between 10 to 20 years.

How to remove Oxygen Absorbers? Therefore, removing oxygen from the custom mylar bags with logo prevents spoilage and kills any insect eggs that could hatch. So what size oxygen absorbers are recommended for each size mylar bag?

You can utilize the following:


Mylar Bag       50cc    100cc 300cc

1 Quart           2         1         1

1 Gallon          6         3         1

2 Gallon          12       6         2

5 Gallon          30       15       5


The advantage is that you cannot use too many oxygen absorbers, the disadvantage is that you can use too little.

Don’t miss the labeling

Go for adding custom stickers for mylar bags. This will enhance the outer look of your mylar bags. It may seem obvious, but don’t miss to label and date your mylar bags before you add products in them. If the mylar bag is sealed, it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s packed inside the bag. Therefore, you can prevent having “mystery bags” in your food storage by labeling them simply.

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