Cracks in your home can be very alarming. Cracks are not something to ignore, but they can be a sign of subsidence. Subsidence cracks can appear tapered and extend diagonally along your walls. They often originate from doors or windows frames. Subsidence cracks can open wide and won’t close naturally by themselves. Cracks that do not close on their own may be caused by seasonal expansion or contraction of your home. This is something to be aware of. However, it is important to seek underpinning experts advice if cracks start appearing.

Old and new buildings

It is a good idea for a new building to contact the builder to have them inspect it. Older properties won’t be able to do this. There are many causes of subsidence. However, there may be other factors. Clay shrinkage can be a possibility due to clay-rich soils. It can happen anywhere, but it is more common around the Thames. Subsidence issues can be caused by settlement of soft ground, especially if there are leaking pipes or drains. You will need to find out if you have to underpin any type of subsidence.

Although owning a house in a large city has many benefits, it can be difficult to complete ambitious renovations. It can be challenging to increase your square footage due to the limited space above ground and the high cost of a complete reconstruction.

If you want to increase your living space and storage, it is possible to expand your basement. Basement underpinning in south melbourne is a method where skilled contractors dig deeper basements for your home and raise the foundation.

Continue reading to learn more about the process and the benefits of having your basement underpinned.

1. Storage and Living Spaces Available

Underpinning has the obvious benefit of making your home more spacious. You can turn a crawl space or cellar into a functional basement by going deeper. Additionally, underpinning can raise the foundation so you can add windows to bring in natural light.

While basement underpinning contractors excavate down and pour a new foundation, they install structural supports to keep your home steady. This allows you to continue living in your home while the work is being done.

2. A New, Watertight Foundation

A key benefit of basement underpinning in older areas of the city is that homeowners will notice a drier space, which isn’t affected by the mold and dampness that can plague properties built in the second half of the 20th century.

You get a bigger basement and a new foundation. This will make your home more waterproof and less susceptible to flooding. Underpinned basements are ideal for storage and living.

3. Increased property value

It shouldn’t surprise you that underpinning can significantly increase your home’s resale value.

As with other major renovations, underpinning can be costly upfront. However, you should consider this money as an investment and less as an expense. It is not an easy job and can take up to a month to complete. This disruption is temporary and your home will become more spacious, lighter and more livable once the work is completed.

Homeowners can increase their square footage by hiring professional underpinning contractors. This is a practical way to build a bigger home on a smaller lot. Start exploring your options and finding out which contractors provide this service in your local area.

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