Custom printed shipping boxes

Custom printed shipping boxes are hugely important in the world of subscription boxes, where the outer box look matters as much as the items inside. In this article, we will cover how customized boxes can be your source of brand recognition when used for subscription services.

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If you are planning to step into the subscriptions services industry, then you have made the right choice! With rising e-commerce activity around the globe, there can’t be a better place to invest in. Modern consumers have a bigger appetite for alluring subscription boxes than ever before in history.

Naturally, it is vital that the boxes are used in their best capacity; to surprise customers and give them an extra reason to shop from the brand providing the services. You would be fascinated to know that shipping boxes are more than perfect for designing subscription boxes.

Firstly, the shipping units are made out of corrugated stock that is world-renowned for its texture and suitability for shipping. And secondly, the material is compatible with almost all custom features. As you read along, you will be guided step by step as to how and why these boxes fill in the gaps in terms of attaining superior brand growth.

The rise of the personalized subscription industry

According to Forbes, the industry has grown 890% since 2014! A lot of factors have fueled this explosive growth in the industry. E-commerce being one and shifting customer tastes can be another main factor.

As you would know that the e-commerce industry is heavily dependent on workable shipping boxes. They are as relevant to subscription services as they are to shipping effectively. However, with so much choice in the industry, it becomes difficult for customers to settle for a single brand.

Marketers have pointed out that personalization is king here. It is equally important to craft boxes that are strong and look unique. A 2018 study found that specialist subscription boxes makeup to 55% of all subscriptions and hence prove that the packaging boxes are at the forefront of customers’ purchases.

Fostering a loyal customer following

The most essential factor in keeping up with the subscription numbers is a die-hard fan following. How do the subscription boxes help in this?

A leading survey suggests that about 40% of customers are likely to cancel their subscriptions within a year. This is mainly because customers are highly sensitive to the boxes their subscribed products come in. initially brands do keep up to their promise of providing a fascinating unboxing experience. But soon the brands switch to ordinary packaging and let the customers down.

Therefore, if brands wish to keep experiencing a good inflow of customers then updating their custom printed shipping boxes is the key. Customers highly value the boxes in which their subscribed products come in. Their excitement can translate into frequent orders once the subscription service providers bring on customized boxes for them.

In a nutshell, the sales figures in this industry depend less on the products’ quality but more on the unique retail experience extended through exceptional packaging. When the opening process is what customers look forward to the most, brands mustn’t hold back to going all out on their shipping units.

Custom printed shipping boxes

Designs to match the brand objectives

When designing the subscription boxes, a host of factors must be considered. These are:

  1. Box printing that suits the brand image and the product nature.
  2. Creative locks and custom accessories like handles for convenience.
  3. Innovative box shapes. The boxes must be physically exceptional too.
  4. Printed content that solves customers’ queries and nominates the products as the best match.

Interactive boxes go a long way in fostering a durable client-seller relationship. Such box styling conveys that the brand cares for the customers and wants to depict their preferences in the packaging offered.

It is also an effective procedure for achieving brand recognition so your efforts are not confused for any other business. Customized subscription boxes ensure that every bit of your packaging is cohesive and conveys crucial brand info to customers. This is especially essential to keep reflecting a memorable brand image that customers can spot at all points of retail.

Social-media friendly

What is the one common link between all successful subscription boxes? They all are visually appealing. Social media has come about as the most powerful marketing platform of late. It doesn’t mean promoting only through digital ads. The many review videos online have opened new doors for enhancing sales volumes.

Customers judge these vlogs before they determine the subscription service to choose. The boxes are reviewed inch by inch to give viewers a fair idea of the boxes and the brand. This means that printing social-media-worthy content is a must.

If the arrival of your boxes reflects any other delivery, then you will seriously miss the mark with your consumers. However, putting in an effort to make for a striking display of brand values can convert on-time purchases into yearly subscriptions.

Premium product protection

Even though this one’s quite obvious, there is no alternative to safe shipment. Customized subscription boxes must be effective in keeping the content safe. No amount of box appeal can make up for broken items. The brand would earn higher customer respect and appreciation when the primary contents reach them in the original form.

Custom options are there to fit subscription products no matter what category they belong to. Fragile products are protected with stronger box density. Likewise, sensitive products are kept heat-proof and moisture-proof through an array of laminations and coatings types.

The external cover is what customers would see of your subscription services first. So, it is no secret that the boxes must compliment customers’ expectations. Custom printed shipping boxes are a great platform to showcase your brand image and impress customers instantly without over drafting the budget.


Since customers are receiving a curated experience, they want the brand image to shine through the subscription boxes. They must feel valued to continue with their subscriptions in the future.

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