New Year is approaching and it’s time to bid farewell to 2020. We all have been through a lot. COVID19 has changed all of our lives vastly. But that doesn’t mean that we will put a full stop to our celebrations.

We understand that not safe enough to step outside of your home but what if we say, that you can still get pleasure and will enjoy yourself by indulging yourself in the festivities? Yes, you heard us right! 

Listed below are some of the amazing and unique ways by with you can celebrate New Year’s Eve right from your home:

  • Plan a special virtual party:

With the approach of the pandemic, it seems like the world has taken a break. You are bound to stay indoors and which makes you miss your special ones even more.

However, by planning a special virtual party you can still get the feeling of your close ones as if they are there with you on the special occasion. So, arrange a virtual party and invite all your close ones like friends, family and relations, whoever you want to add to the party and you are all set. This will be your party having your own rules.

Keep in mind to inform about this virtual party one day before New Year’s Eve. You can also order a delicious New Year cake and get it delivered to the doorstep of your loved one without fail. 

  • A special dinner party:

It’s always a fun time when you are surrounded by your family members. Earlier when you had your normal life, you weren’t able to take some time out for your family but now you can.

Arrange a special dinner party at your home and cook scrumptious series of delicious dishes for your close ones. If you aren’t a great cook, you can choose to help your mother in the kitchen by chopping the veggies or washing the used utensils.

Keep in mind to choose all those specific recipes that will suit the tastes of everyone. If you want you can also order a special cake by choosing the online cake delivery in Noida or any other city of your choice and get it delivered at your desired time.

  • An amusing virtual game night:

This is one of the most amusing ways to celebrate your New Year’s Eve, with your friends. Earlier when things were normal and smooth you were attending various gaming zones with your friends. There you get a wide range of games to choose from and play.

However, due to the current scenario that has been going on since 2019 things have changed drastically.

But you can still play games with your friends if you organize a special virtual game night. You can choose games like PUBG and COD that you can easily play right from the comfort of your home.

  • Celebrate with your family:

New Year’s Eve, is the best time to celebrate your special moments and showcase your love and best wishes to your beloved family members.

This idea of celebrating the new year is the best option amongst all others because there are no better people than your ones.

If you got a backyard, then you can also host a special reunion party. Cook some delightful cuisines and stay prepared with all your special ones to welcome the new year.  

  • A special movie marathon:

Want to make your new year’s eve an entertaining one? Then this idea will make the best option.

All you need to do is to choose a specific movie that will serve the choice and interest of your family members or your special ones.

By doing this apart from enjoying the movie you will also get to spend some quality time with your group. You can order food online so that you don’t take the risk of skipping out the scenes. 

  • Midnight celebration

This option tops the list. Celebrating the new year bash right when the clock strikes 12 gives an immensely special feeling. You can also choose to order a special cake for the party because every celebration seems incomplete without the cake cutting ceremony. Choose the best online delivery services and get the cake delivered without fail.

2020 has been a vicious, transformational year in as many favorable ways as adverse ones. This year has been drenched with suffering as well as extreme happiness. Some of us are exhausted and staring at 2021 with promising vibes and expectations that everything will get better.

No matter how was the year, just keep in mind you were strong enough to survive this unfortunate time phase. You are strong and therefore you deserve to commemorate your tough and optimistic mindset.

How you enjoy doesn’t matter.

Apart from everything else, the thing that matters is that you concede, honor, and commemorate having passed through this extremely complicated year. 

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