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One of the attractions of your wedding is the wedding cake, modern or vintage. This is why you need to know so much about selecting, decorating and presenting all the cakes. We have summarized everything here from A to Z to give you a complete overview and wish you already now: Bon appétit!

Firstly, the size (one storey or several stories) – based on the number of guests and on the budget, it can vary greatly. In terms of taste, the wedding online cakes in Jagraon should above all contain your favorite flavors, but it should also not be too fancy so that the guests can also find something to their taste.

The decor is obviously the main element; we have plenty of advice and a photo gallery to inspire you. Important decision: Who bakers the cake and how does it get to the location? And how would you like to stage the cutting?

A few background information on the customs complete our extensive article on wedding cakes – click on the topic of your choice.

Wedding cake prices: What does a wedding cake cost?

As is so often the case, there is no specific answer to the question of the price of a wedding cake – it depends on the wedding cake!

What shapes and sizes are there?

The number of floors is the most obvious difference in the form of the marriage cake. As we know from fantasy weddings, the normal conventional wedding cake is 1-story, 3-story or 5-story.

One-tier wedding cakes

This variant is much simpler than a wedding cake of several levels. You don’t need an étagère, there is no assembly and transport is usually much easier.

However, that does not mean that such cakes have to look simple. Even marriage cakes in a simple form can look festive and attractive with a wonderful ornamentation or a fashionable frosting.

The greatest inconvenience is that several tastes in one cake are difficult to mix.

Heart shape – one-tier wedding cake

In addition to the classical simple heart form, a symbol of love, two hearts, which are fused together, can also function as a form. The matching color is of course red, which can be achieved very well with strawberries or other red fruits.

It mustn’t be asymmetrical heart always. Highly popular are the hearts downward curved. The Heart shaped cakes also resemble the love between two people.

Multi-tier wedding cakes

The significant difference with the multi-level dream cakes resides not only in the number of levels, but also in the method that they are fixed upside down:

The individual levels are stacked directly on top of one another, without using a cake stand or étagère. Care should be taken to ensure that the bottom is very stable so that the online cakes in Jagraon do not sag inward.

In the case of self-supporting cakes, only firmer fillings are possible, especially for the lower floors, as these have to bear the weight of the upper floors.

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