Instagram is the most popular social media platform. On average 500 million users access Instagram daily, so using it feeds on websites is not a bad thing.

Website visitors need something unique, fresh, and attractive to stay on the website for too long, all this can be done by using Instagram feeds on the website.

But how will you do that? Read the complete blog to understand everything about it.

Why Should You Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress?

Displaying an Instagram feed to your WordPress website has lots of benefits. It gives your website visitors a chance to see your latest Instagram posts. Plus, it adds dynamic content to your site. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram feeds on your website to engage your audience:

Show an Instagram feed of product reviews from customers to increase product sales.

Add an Instagram hashtag feed of relevant content to your site to keep visitors engaged and let them stay for longer.

Display in the Instagram feed user-generated content to serve as positive social proof for your brand so you can drive more sales to your business.

Have video testimonials for your business? Embedding Instagram TV video testimonials on your WordPress can encourage your site visitors to buy from you.

You can also improve your SEO when you embed Instagram feed on your website. Since the feeds are crawled and indexed by Google, they provide relevant content to boost your website’s rankings.

As you can see, embedding an Instagram feed in WordPress can achieve much more than merely showing your Instagram images. 

Once you learn how to do this, it’s the best way to boost visitor engagement and grow your business. But how do you add different Instagram feeds to WordPress? Let’s find out!

How to Embed Instagram Feeds With a Plugin

The easiest way to embed an Instagram feed to WordPress is to use a WordPress plugin. This way, the plugin can just connect with Instagram’s API to help you easily display Instagram feeds on your website — even if you’re not tech-savvy. 

By using a trusted WordPress plugin, you can showcase your feeds in all their glory, without having to worry about dealing with embed code, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or other coding languages. 

For this method, we’ll show you how to add an Instagram feed to your site using the Instagram Feed Pro plugin from Taggbox. As the highest-rated Instagram feed plugin for WordPress, it lets you display completely customizable Instagram feeds on your site in under 10 minutes! And with zero technical knowledge needed to get up and running, your feeds look great right out of the box. 

This way, your feeds look consistent with your brand’s design, with minimal effort on your part. The best part? Since the plugin’s built with users in mind, it’s designed to be ultra-fast. That’s why the pro version of Instagram Feed is trusted and happily recommended by over 1 million users worldwide!

How to Embed Instagram Post Without a Plugin

You can embed Instagram feeds on websites by using Instagram itself. Just open the post you want to embed on your website, click on the three dots available on the right side of the post. 

A new popup will appear, select the embed option and cope with the generated code.

You can paste it where you want to display an Instagram post.

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