There are many such applications and websites today that ask permission to save your password. And there are many users who are allowing their passwords to be saved in mobile and laptop browsers.

It is important to be careful if you are doing this to save time. This could lead to your account being hacked. In addition, when you give your mobile or computer to a friend or acquaintance, he can easily see the password saved in this way.

What you see on the internet is what you think is right. But a person who understands computer or has knowledge about it does not consider all the content seen on the internet to be true.

Because there is no guarantee that what you see on the Internet or what is shown to you is true. So remember that there may be work being done to make someone look bad, to spread hatred towards a person or a community, or to exaggerate about a person, product or company.

So be very careful when looking at topics like photos, posts, videos, political topics, etc. that appear on the Internet and make an opinion or evaluate someone based on that.

When choosing any content online, you must read the ratings and comments. Most users have a common understanding that content rated above four stars is definitely good.

But this is not true. Because there are some content that has a very good rating. But like ratings, those materials are not really good. Behind this, the sellers are asking for fake reviews and comments.

This does not mean that all ratings and comments online are wrong. So think carefully before choosing an online product based on ratings.

There are advertisements on social media saying that especially expensive mobiles will be made available at cheap prices. If someone is selling goods at an unbelievably cheap price, do not be greedy. You can be a victim of fraud.

There are many messages and emails coming on Facebook saying that you have won the lottery of so many dollars or rupees. Or you’ve got a new iPhone.

It also explains the exact process for winning a prize or lottery. So don’t make the mistake of making a mistake.

Nowadays, no one gives you anything for free. These kinds of things are being done online with the intention of catching fraudsters.

So do not give in to temptation or temptation. There are some self-proclaimed influencers on social media who are inciting people to earn money by using certain apps or playing games.

You should not believe in such things at all. Don’t be fooled into making money just by showing up in the app’s graph. Making money is not easy these days.

So don’t download or install any gambling, trading or gaming app that you are not aware of. Also, avoid making the mistake of putting your personal information or spending money on such apps.

Of course, you are going to the market to buy different goods. If you use the internet, don’t forget to search carefully before buying any electronic device or mobile, laptop, TV, refrigerator, etc.

This is because sellers in the market may offer you unnecessary and inferior products. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. A few searches on the Internet can go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

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