Google Lens is an image recognition software that provides live previews. But now Google Lens will also analyze the photos in your gallery.

According to a recent update to Google Lens, the company will now analyze photos and screenshots already saved in the gallery. This is nothing new for Android users, as this feature is also available in the default camera.

However, Google has put this new update on Google Lens, encouraging its users to use the Live Preview Analyzer. Before you open Google Lens, there is no live camera, but before that there is a live preview option at the top of the screen called “Search with your camera” and at the bottom of the screen you will see the photos and screenshots in your gallery.

Of course, Google Photos also has the option to analyze screenshots. However, the company claims that Google Lens is very useful for performing all types of photo recognition in one place.

Due to the server-based update, this update does not come all at once. The app may have been updated on someone’s mobile, but it may still be updated on someone else’s mobile.

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