Everyone cares for babies and infants and these human beings can catch infections more than adults can. We cannot imagine the damage that can happen to them if a dangerous chemical is given to them in the form of baby formula.

In severe cases, it may lead to the death of a baby also. That’s why the parents of small babies are filing toxic baby formula NEC lawsuit against the manufacturers because they did not inform them about the side effects it can cause in a newly-born and premature baby. In some cases, babies even died. 

The reason for filing a lawsuit

Many parents have found out that their infants have received health-related issues such as serious gastrointestinal problems, which is also known as NEC. They claim that the manufacturers were aware of these complications but they did not do anything about it and no action was taken to stop the production. They did not even warn the users about these complications.

It is worth mentioning here that NEC is related to a serious medical condition in which the inflammation in the intestine can cause holes in the stomach. The bacteria may leak from the stomach into the blood causing serious illness and blood infections. More than 50% of the infections may cause the death of babies. The studies have revealed that the fact that this cow’s milk formula can infect premature babies and infants to a great extent and should be terminated. Parents, who have lost their children, have filed a lawsuit against the company to get justice.

How to file a lawsuit

It is important to learn how you can file a lawsuit if you have experienced the consequences. It is suggested to get in touch with an attorney, who handles these cases because a number of them are available in the field and are working with other parents. All you have to do is to contact one of them and check whether you qualify for the lawsuit.

The lawyer will check if your baby has been fed the formula that comes under this category in which you can file the case. He will clarify all your doubts and queries. You need to provide the medical records, hospital’s name, date, and location. You must have receipts of purchasing this formula along with boxes and packaging to show that you had been using it.

The damages may not be reversed but you should educate others on its consequences. 

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