Apple unveiled iOS 15 last month. The company has rolled out the public beta of iOS 15 earlier this week. This new version of iOS has many features to give the user a great experience.

But not all new features will be available to all Apple iPhone users around the world. This means that older models of the iPhone are not compatible with some of the new features. Today we are going to tell you about a feature of iOS that will not be available for older iPhone users.

All New Weather app

The iPhone’s Weather app has some new features and looks like animated backgrounds, which the old iPhone can’t support.

Live text feature on camera

One of the coolest features in iOS 15 is to recognize and process image text. Suppose you click on a picture with the name of a restaurant, then when you tap on the letters in the picture, you will get information about that restaurant.

But this feature will only be available on iPhones that have an A12 bionic processor or higher chipset.

New feature of FaceTime
The biggest change with iOS 15 will be seen in FaceTime. Apple has already shown many of the features that come with its video calling app. Portrait mode is one such example.
Which blurs the background in an intelligent way. But this feature will only be supported by newer models of iPhone.
Walk Steady Feature
IOS 15 also comes with a health and fitness feature. Which is called Walking Steadness.
But for this feature, algorithms are used to monitor how stable you walk. Which will only be supported by models after the iPhone 8.
Spatial audio feature
Apple is bringing Spatial Audio feature with iOS 15. Which will make the music experience on AirPod Pro and AirPod Max even more fun. But this feature will only be available on iPhone 7 and later models.

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