National Techies Day

National Techies Day was established in 1999. Its primary purpose was to make young people aware of the benefits of taking their careers in the technological industry.

1. National Techies Day

Several years ago we would say that working from home would be impossible. Yet, millions of people nowadays feel perfectly comfortable with it. We live in an era of rapid technological development. It opens a lot of free space for new careers in the technology industry.

This is why October 3 is so important day. It is National Techies Day. It aims to motivate young people to consider a career in the technology field. With so many positive changes and innovations, there are great opportunities at every step whether they live in Georgia or elsewhere in the US.

2. Benefits Of Technology

Modern life seems to be impossible without smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices. They save our time, money, gas and electricity. Not only you don’t have to leave your home to go to work, but you can also order food or pay your bills from your armchair. Here are some other benefits of technology.

Smart devices – smart life

The aim of smart devices is to simplify your life and make you feel comfortable. They use an internet connection to operate. They can be connected with your smartphone, but they can also communicate with one another. There is a wide range of smart devices and you can buy them in any shop near you.

You can get anything you want. Smart sensors and alarms can make you feel safe and secure at home and smart thermostats can cut your natural gas bills.


With all these technological innovations all kinds of products have become cost-effective. Thanks to computers and artificial intelligence the production process has become simpler and cheaper. That’s why we now can afford technical devices with great features at affordable prices.

Nowadays, you can also compare the prices of anything you want to buy, thanks to technology. You can choose a TV or a computer with great characteristics at low prices. But, you can also compare natural gas prices and rates online and choose the most suitable for you.

Productivity booster

Technological innovations save time and improve productivity. With modern devices, you can produce more in less time. Also, with a computer or a machine that takes care of one part of the manufacturing process, you can invest your time and creativity into something else.

3. Why You Should Make Your Home A Smart Home

The smart home is a home set up in which you can control devices and appliances from your digital devices or even your smartphone. Many people have already turned their Georgia homes into smart homes.

Here’s why you should consider making your home a smart home.

User-friendly devices

Some people still think that smart devices are complex. Yet, they are very easy to use and can make your life much easier. You can choose as many smart devices as you want. The only two things you need before setting up the system are to choose the devices with the same protocol and the internet connection in your house.

Cozy life

With smart devices, you will feel much more comfortable in your Georgia home. Some of them can help you keep an eye on your children or your aging parents when you are not near them.

If you tend to forget to turn your lights on or off smart light bulbs are the right thing for you. With them, you can turn the lights on and off at any time from anywhere.

You can even lower your monthly Gas South costs in your smart home. Besides the smart light bulbs, you can also use smart thermostats to control energy consumption. Smart thermostats enable you to control the temperature even when you are not at home. Keeping a lower temperature while you are away can reduce the consumption of natural gas and lower your utility bills.

Final thoughts

Technology and modernization have really made our lives easier and more comfortable. So, it is important to continue technological development and create a better world for new generations. Maybe next year you will celebrate National Techies Day with your colleagues.

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