The Best Bed Warmer For You

is different for everyone. Navien Mate bed warmers allow you to regulate each side of the bed independently, whether you are with your partner or not. What a blessing!

You’ll Stay Warm Without Expensive Heating

You’ll Stay Warm with a heated mattress pad instead of heating your room. The Navien Mate bed warmer lets you enjoy the water bed warmer warmth you want, right where you want it – right there in the comfort of your own bed. 

The Navien Mate bed warmer lets you enjoy the warmth you want, right where you want it – right there in the comfort of your own bed. It is very important for you to have the warmth you want right in the comfort of your own bed when you are sick. 

The Navien Mate bed warmer will provide you with the warm you desire. The heated mattress pad is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Easy Setup No Hassle

You can connect our one-click connector to your ultra-slim mattress topper, add purified drinking water, and choose the preferred setting for your bed warmer.

Child Protection

Your child’s ability to adjust his/her profile can be restricted using the parental control feature.

Self-Check Feature

Use our simple one-button interface to easily check your system status.


Timers can be set for the perfect amount of time for your bed to be warmed.

Dual Temperature

controls make it possible to set different temperatures on each side of your bed. (available on Queen and King size models only)


Click the button to turn on sterilization mode for a bacteria-free device.

Leaking Sensor

A Mattress Warmer Improves Sleep Quality

As a result, too much hot air can dry out the air in your house and can spread viruses that cause common colds and flu. In addition, electric blankets tend to sag unevenly, cannot be relied upon, and may cause injuries. If you have been searching for the right sleeping environment that keeps you healthy and comfortable, then consider the Navien Mate bed warmer as an elegant way to achieve this.

It is a well known fact that people do not want to risk their safety when using a bed warmer pad with water that flows throughout it, as it is your comfort that is most important. A water heated mattress pad is a good alternative to electric blankets, as it is safe, reliable, and the heat is distributed evenly.

Safety Systems For Bed Warmers

In addition to the advanced, heat-activated, antimicrobial mattress topper, the system includes a number of safety features. 

Our Customers Say It Best – Navier Mate Water Heated Mattress Pad

I am looking forward to adding in your excellent review of the Navien Mate heated pad and we look forward to hearing about your perfect night’s rest as soon as possible!So, if you choose to invest in electric heated mattress pads, heated blankets, and heated bed covers, you will never have to worry about any of the worries associated with electric heated bed warmers.

(New Simple) Eqm350

An electric blanket can’t offer this kind of customized comfort. This system includes a bed warmer and a heating unit. A quiet heating unit with customizable settings and several safety features is included with the heated mattress pad. This mattress is covered with a rawganic topper made from 100% cotton.

(Eqm 580)

This Navien EQM 580 night topper is a premium heating mattress pad that offers all of the benefits of electric heating pads and blankets, while having none of the cons. A heated mattress pad and blanket system keeps you pleasantly warm during cold nights by providing you with the most effective heating system that offers customized comfort. 

In addition to the EQM 580 model, the Rawganic topper is made of 100% pure cotton, which adds a layer of warmth and comfort for its users.

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