When it comes to choosing clothes, style matching comfort is one factor most people look out for and unfortunately, skinny jeans and tank tops do not always work. Also, nothing can match the relief of slipping into PJs after being home. Luckily, outdoor loungewear fashion has hit the world and is gaining desirable popularity among women. For women looking out to make a novel fashion statement and clear their casual closet, the time is here! However, wearing your sleepwear outdoors can be a risky game when not styled the right way. 

How to style loungewear to wear outdoors?

Australians under the age of 35 spend around $18 per week on clothing and footwear. But styling your old and boring sleepwear the right way can save you so many bucks you will spend on shopping. From Gigi Hadid to Hailey Bieber, comfy outfit inspiration has been ruling social media this pandemic. Here is a list of ways you can style your cosy PJs and sleepwear for this summer,

1. Add a blazer

Blazers can turn any casual outfit dashingly appealing. Also, this is the easiest way you can style your PJs or oversized lounge tees. All you have to do is start by pairing your lounge tee with biker shorts or joggers. Further, add a blazer, preferably a boyfriend blazer and you are all set for a casual outing! Wear a white tee and shorts with a black blazer for pulling off the signature look. You can also pick a monochrome tracksuit instead and pair it with a sleeveless puffer jacket. Carry a frame bag to complete the look. 

2. Cropping an oversized tee

Crop tees have been a timeless chic attire. Luckily, a simple DIY technique can turn your oversized tee into a cropped one. Start with picking your best looking solid coloured oversized tee. Next, tie a simple knot by bringing your thumb and index fingers together to make an O shaped knot. You can also do a bunny ear knot or use a rubber band to tie it from inside. Alternatively, you can simply fold your tee and clasp it onto the bralette. Pair this with a pair of high waist shorts or boyfriend joggers.

3. Oversized tee into a dress

Your oversized lounge tee can transform into a chic looking mini when accessorised the right way. You can quickly slip in your oversized tee under a slip dress. Alternatively, you can also add an adjustable leather belt. You can also add a cross-body bag. Do not forget to pay attention to your footwear this time as they’d look prominent. Pair this look with a pair of deep pink or red stilettos to get done. 

4. Go with monochrome hues and gold

Monochrome loungewear, usually tracksuits or crop tees with biker shorts/ joggers, can pull off a chic look all by themselves. To spice it up, add some gold accessories to it. Add a stocky gold necklace, some rings and a trinket to give enough shades of gold. Finally, wear a pair of cat-eye sunglasses to complete the look. 

5. Adding knits

Your slouchy knits can also work well to pull off some comfy summer looks. Start by picking your best-sized tracksuit or a tee paired with complementary joggers. Nextly, wear a knit shawl or water with the front closure open. Put your hair into a bun to get this cozy look completed. Alternatively, you can use a knit robe instead if you wish to go the Gigi way! Lastly, wear a pair of lightweight sneaker boots preferably, white or black and you are all done. 


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