Getting a C1 licence is a process-oriented term. One needs to follow proper guidelines and go through different tests to finally get licenced. Going and applying directly for a licence may lead to rejections because the driving test set for a C1 licence is not only practical based but theory and medical tests are of equal importance. The medical test is the priority if the person clears all the medical conditions then only can opt for the theory test.

Similarly, if you clear the theory test i.e 85 Mcq’s right from all 100 MCQs related to road safety and general driving then only you can go for further practical testing. This criterion ensures that one needs to have a complete idea about the basic theory knowledge. So this also ensures that this knowledge can only be gained through proper training. It is clear that licencing process firstly requires proper training and then proper tests to finally clear for a licence. The licence has some other details like filling out the forms properly, checking out all the regulations, and submitting them to the assigned official. Also, C1 licence cost includes training cost and the needed cost that is to be submitted while filling out the details.

The Process to Get a C1 Licence

Licencing is the most important part to legally drive a vehicle. Licencing process becomes easy if you have the exact knowledge and learning about driving and its operations and it can also be a long process if someone is not aware of the basic criteria needed for licencing. In the training process, everything is taught according to the final test strategies to give you the required exposure to the examination. With successful completion of training according to the strategies authorized by the officials for the licencing process, one should clear the driving test to get a C1 Licence. It demonstrates some eligibility criteria:

●      One should be 18 years of age

●      Should have Cat B license

●      If you are having EU Licence, then you need to fill the required form and you get a C1 provisional.

●      The person should be able to read a number plate from almost 20 meters (can wear spectacles if required).

●      The person must have 12 years of driving experience.

●      Theory and the medical test are to be completed before going for practical examination.

The above is a brief explanation of the requirements, Read more to get to know about the detailed process to get a licence.

Medical for C1 Licence

Medical tests are always first in any driving test. As health should always be a priority. So when you are opting for a driving licence you must be fit according to the regulations made by the concerned officials. Medical specifically in C1 training is mostly about the eyesight checkup that is performed to check your vision if you will be able to drive in any condition like where there is high light and less availability light due to any reason may be very random weather conditions. Also, it is part of the driving test that you can recognize number plates from 20 meters of distance ( spectacles can be used if required).

Theory Test

After the completion of the medical test, the theory test is taken which consists of 100 questions that are multiple-choice based questions out of which you need to perform 85 questions comprising 100 multiple choice questions from which you need to do 85 questions right to clear the particular theory test with proper rules and regulations. This test creates the need for training as practical and medical are easy to clear if a person has driving exposure but theory tests are of great importance introduced or checking your knowledge about driving, vehicles, road safety, and rules you need to follow.

Practical Test

After the completion of two major parts theory tests and a medical test, a practical test is scheduled to give a final check on your driving skills. This test is designed according to the different conditions. So that you can control the vehicle on roads with maximum traffic, rough roads, sloped roads, etc. And if you are making any of the mistakes, they can be sorted while training so that no problems occur during the driving test so that you can further perform best in the test.


In the end, the basic requirements for a C1 licence are firstly fulfilling the eligibility criteria like proper experience required for a C1 licence is fulfilled, one should be 18 years of age, and then with proper rules and regulations, you fulfill all the criteria and get your licence after completion of practical tests within the range of maximum 15 days and minimum 10 days. The whole process can be done easily if you apply for a training program first as you are aware of all the rules as well as precautions before the driving test only. Therefore C1 licence cost specifies cost for training as well as cost for final licencing.

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