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Food delivery has been in practice ever since the period of Ancient Rome. Starting with milk delivery, now food delivery is available for all kinds of cuisines. Smartphones are the major cause for such a revolution to occur. To go with the trend and fulfill the market needs, build an on-demand food delivery app and soar high in your business. Are you wondering how to build one? Keep reading to explore more. 

The number of people using food-delivery apps is rising each day across the globe, according to the statistics. Based on research, it is estimated that 59% of millennials are ordering food from restaurants with the help of food delivery apps. There are many food-delivery apps in the market like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, etc., which are popular among users. 

Want to know how UberEats gained popularity in a short duration of time?

UberEats is a popular on-demand food delivery app across the globe. Uber is a pioneering leader in the ride-hailing industry. Upon gaining huge popularity, they stepped into the food-delivery business. And now it is a leading food-delivery company which is famous worldwide. Just like its parent company, the business model of UberEats is a multi-sided platform. 

Strategies followed by UberEats

The foremost reason for the quick reach of UberEats among people is due to the hefty discounts and offers they provide. You can keep this in mind and provide your users with more exciting offers to quickly gain a wide reach.

Marketing through advertisements is very important to take your brand to the next level. Therefore advertising with the top celebrities can catch the eye of the millennials, who are just a step away from shifting to the online food culture. 

Here is some math of UberEats

  • In 2020, it was recorded that UberEats generated about 4.8 billion dollars in revenue which is a massive increase from the former year. 
  • UberEats has more than 66 million global users and stands as the most popular food-delivery app. It contributes about 29% of the global food delivery revenue. 
  • Now UberEats has a tie-up with 600,000 restaurants and is available in 6000 cities. 

Are you thinking of developing your own on-demand food delivery app?

Suppose you are an entrepreneur already owning a food joint or restaurant with a chain of regular customers. In that case, you can amplify your business easily by developing a stand-alone food delivery app. Developing an on-demand food ordering platform is also a great solution for the budding entrepreneurs who are looking ahead to step into the food delivery business. 

There are two efficient ways for UberEats like app development, which are as follows,

Building from scratch:

You can construct your own food delivery app from scratch. Building an app from the ground up is nothing but initiating the process without any head start. You will have to do all the work, from the research to coding. For example, it is like building a new home in an empty land using all the raw materials. 

The cost of constructing a food ordering app from scratch can range anywhere between 12,000 to 35,000 dollars based on the complexity of the app.

It generally takes 5 to 6 months to build an app from scratch. The duration might vary based on the skills of the app developers, the complexity of the app, etc.

Deploying a white-label solution

You can also deploy a white-label solution upon rebranding and customizing the clone script of a popular app like UberEats. The UberEats clone app is nothing but a pre-built app that consists of all the key features totally like that of the parent app. 

It is just a matter of a few days to develop an app using the clone script. You can customize it corresponding to your business requirements and launch a robust on-demand food delivery app at the earliest. This can help you gain a quick reach among the audience. It is also an affordable method of developing your dream app without compromising on the quality of the app.

There are many clone scripts existing in the market; It is important to choose the right one. You can achieve this by consulting a reliable app development company. 

How does an UberEats clone app work?

To build a complete food-delivery app, you will need to build four apps, one for each – customer, restaurant owners, delivery executives, and admin panel. Let’s understand how the customer and the delivery executive app works,

Customer app

  • The users can register to the app using multiple login methods available such as using email id, contact number, and other credentials.
  • Users can browse through the app that has a list of restaurants available to order through the platform.
  • Using the advanced search bar, users can find a particular restaurant or a specific cuisine. 
  • Upon choosing the restaurant, users can add their items to the cart.
  • They can then place their order after reviewing the items in the cart. 
  • There are multiple payment methods available for the users to choose their convenient mode of payment.
  • Upon order confirmation by the restaurant, the users can track the arrival of their food in real-time.

Delivery executive app:

  • The delivery agents can work in their own flexible hours. 
  • They can show their availability using the online/offline mode.
  • Once a food order is confirmed, the delivery executives get notification about the order.
  • Based on their availability, they can choose whether or not to deliver the order.
  • Upon acceptance, the app directs the delivery agents to the restaurants and then to the customer’s location through optimized routes. Thus avoiding traffic-prone roads, they can reach the destination quickly.
  • Thus the delivery executives deliver the food to the customer safely. 

To wrap it all up,

These days ordering food online has become very common as it is a convenient and affordable option. There are many food-delivery apps in the market. By adding additional features to boost the user experience and providing extra benefits can make your app outstanding from others. This allows you to grab a vast user base in no time. 

Deploying a scalable solution will allow you to expand your on-demand food delivery app as your business grows. So cut the wait and get into UberEats like app development right away and elevate your business to the next level.

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