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Over the course of an entire year, ransomware gangs found it extremely easy to infiltrate over 100 federal, state, and municipal agencies, 500 healthcare centers, 1,680 educational institutes, and various businesses. The damage of exact numbers has been kept under wraps for the sake of the business reputation for the said businesses. However, estimations have been drawn up to tens of billions of dollars. To say ransomware has become one of the biggest menaces on the internet would not be wrong. Essay writers uk would say that the worrisome factor here is that once you have a target on your back. You can easily lose your entire life-long work in a matter of a few minutes.

There’s no outsmarting the bad guys

There are a couple of things you should know about ransomware attacks. Firstly, the people who are targeting are going to be Uber smart and have pinned you as their target for a reason. They are experienced and loaded, so even if you try, you can’t outsmart them in any way. Instead of endangering your employees anymore, you ought to be defensive. We don’t mean you should counterattack them. No, your safest bet would be to navigate through the complicated situation in the most amicable manner. That doesn’t mean you should hand over everything you own either. Hence, your only way out through an attack is to opt for a strong defense.

How Ransomware Attacks Are Carried Out

Such ransomware gangs are well-resourced and financially strong. So you can imagine that they’re going to employ every tactic in their tricky book to get the best of you. Now, there are certain ways these gangs carry out their attacks. They’d find a backdoor to corporate networks, wait for a big day and cause disruption on a huge scale. Small-scale rookies are most interested in corrupting your data and getting a hold of your PCs one by one.

Hackers have also been known to cause disruption in company affairs and also churn profit for their backers. Over recent times, hackers have been armed thanks to various techs making their work easier. There are new ways for them to sneak into systems, cause damage and leave without even a trace.

Trust your Antivirus and IT guy

Let’s start with the most obvious tips. Installing trustworthy antivirus software and keeping it up-to-date at all times. Nowadays, you can even install software, and it’d update itself when a new package arrives. In addition, many antiviruses come equipped with features that’d search the entire system to spot any ransomware-related suspicious behavior like that of file encryption.

Regardless of your company’s nature. Make sure you hire a security expert who can look after your entire network and keep an eye on the traffic. If any anomalies occur. Then your IT guy would be able to spot them and resolve the issue before any more serious issues can occur. For instance, he’s likely to be able to realize that someone’s trying to gain access through illegal means or breaching security.

 Scan emails and don’t give in to the threats

Another tactic is to keep an eye on your inbox. Read the content of the email thoroughly before clicking on any links. If it’s spam, mark it spam. Because otherwise, it’s too risky to leave it right among your work emails. Scanning and filtering emails ought to keep you safe from other phishing and ransomware attacks. Also, preach this process throughout your employees, so they are not prone to such attacks nor expose your company’s network.

We know, once you’re exposed to this threat, there’s no going back. However, that doesn’t mean you should hand over whatever ransom is demanded of you. Because firstly, if you give in to their demands once, they’re likely to make a victim out of you in the future as well. They can easily hide a corrupted file among your humongous data, and you won’t even know. We can understand, your business might be worth it, but still, that’s not the right way to go about it. Say, even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee that the encryption key they hand over will even work. Another issue is that you could be financing a ransomware epidemic.

Strategize thoroughly

The best offense is a good defense. You must’ve heard this numerous times. Allow us to highlight how that might be the case in this scenario. If you’re already equipped to handle a ransomware attack, you should have no issues when it actually happens. It means you should always make a backup of your servers and confidential files at the end of the day so that you can roll back the entire network system the next day if something does occur. You must always have a backup strategy so that even if your devices get compromised, you’d still have the important data at hand.

Invest in your cybersecurity

Now despite all your efforts, you must also be in possession of a risk assessment and response strategy if you are ever attacked. It would include cleaning the PCs, reinstalling data from backups, explaining the situation to the clients, getting in touch with the police or even insurance security.

One more thing you can do is run test scenarios. Such as drills to make sure the security you have in place works properly. You wouldn’t want to be left in a lurch when you’re trying it all out later on. So even if you have to spend a good chunk of your money towards maintaining your cybersecurity, it’ll be worth it. At least you’d have no regrets later on for not doing your best.


All in all, it’d be best if you employ every tactic that’s at your disposal to fight for the protection of your network security. However, essay writing services UK would like to point out that these attacks are going to get worse, and you have to make sure you are equipped to handle these, or else it would cost you a hell lot than just your business.

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