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User Engagement happens when your audience interacts with your brand through one of the touchpoints. As opposed to passive browsing, the user actively selects a course of action concerning your platform. It could be likes, clicks, and other impressions. As a business, you need customers to visit your store. So focussing on improving your local engagement rates is key to increasing your brand visibility.

Google changes its algorithm multiple times to give a better user experience to its visitors. Therefore, it has become that boosting engagement rates drives traffic and improves search rankings.

These tips will help you build local engagement:

Motivate Customers to Write Reviews:

You need to first focus on providing exceptional customer service. Customers pleased with your customer service are more likely to write reviews even without you asking them. Reviews from platforms popular in your locality also help your business. There are also review platforms that focus on particular niches and industries. You can ask for reviews on other platforms, as Google reviews alone do not account for SEO rankings.

Do not push your customers to pick a particular medium. You can display several ads before them with different review platforms. You also have to make sure that the customer reviews are genuine. The Google algorithm is good at recognizing paid reviews and punishes people trying to break the system. 

Create Trackable Link for Directions

The visitors to your site will try to find contact information and the address of your business. You can help them by providing directions with a trackable link. You can place this link on your contact page. If you need help in creating a trackable link, you can get the help of an SEO company in Bangalore.

As soon as a visitor clicks the link, you know the identity, location, and the time when the engagement occurred. Tracking links store information about the device, location, and time. Then it redirects the user to the directions page.

Google Analytics UTM tags allow you to identify the source of your traffic. Tracking links help you to analyze the performance of your campaigns. It will help you devise strategies to boost local engagement rates for your website. If you live in Gurgaon and want a localized SEO strategy for your business, SEO companies in Gurgaon can help you.

Monitor your GMB Timeline

Google introduced the Q & A feature for Google My Business (GMB) in 2018. It aims to help customers find information that they could not find on a website. When a user posts a question about a business, other users familiar with the company respond to the question.

The feature allows anyone to ask and answer questions. The Google Local Guides Program rewards points to write reviews, answer questions, make edits, etc. These local guides dominate the platform and answer more questions than business owners.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor your GMB timeline regularly. Your competitors and malicious people could leave information damaging to your business. You need to respond to questions faster to prevent inaccurate answers.

Also, you have to report inappropriate questions and answers. And report posts that include sensitive or personal information. Answering user queries will boost your local engagement rates. Increased customer engagement rates also bring more conversions for your local business.

Google Knowledge Panel 

A GMB account is necessary for your business to show up in the Google Knowledge Panel. The Google Knowledge Panel is what you see on the right side of the search results. It displays information about people, animals, plants, businesses, places, nations, etc.

Google pulls data from Wikipedia and other public sources to provide information. When you search, Google displays the history, description, website link, and social media links of a business. The Knowledge Panel is automatically updated, and search results are automated. You have to verify your business in GMB. You can get the help of an SEO company in Bangalore to optimize your GMB listings.

You also have to create a Wikipedia page, as Google uses Wikipedia to update its Knowledge Panel. Being active on social media makes Google feature your business in the Knowledge Panel. Google determines knowledge panels for companies based on reviews.

Also, content focused on meeting customer needs is a decisive factor. Receiving a knowledge panel boosts local engagement and brings more foot traffic to your store. You also have to update your Knowledge Panel frequently and ensure that Google provides accurate information about your business. If you need content for your local audience, consider hiring writers from SEO companies in Gurgaon.

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