SEO Ranking Factors

SEO is the best form of digital marketing technique. It helps you attain good rankings and get more traffic. Do you know what the Top SEO parameter recommended by Google is? Here is the list of ten SEO ranking factors that will help you boost brand presence and reputation in the market:

Content depth

SEO Ranking Factors

Content depth is an important factor for getting higher rankings. A short form of content means you’re covering the outline of the topic. When you cover a particular subject in detail, you can cover a maximum of the user’s queries. 

Google prefers a word count of more than 2500 words. But writing crap will not help. Quality content that addresses concern areas of the target audience develops your credibility. It even helps in enhancing your expertise and authoritativeness in the market.

Recurring customers and time spent on your web page signals to Google website is providing content worth customers. 

Robots .txt file

Robots.txt File for SEO

Do you want some pages not to come on search results? Are you interested in increasing the effectiveness of web crawlers? Robots .txt file will lead your way. 

You can block crawlers of specific search engines. It helps in repairing your web pages. Further, crawlers may get in internal links of the admin page. 

Robots .txt is a crucial part of SEO. It may seem to be a teeny tiny file. But, a slight mistake in this file can play havoc with your SEO.

You can codify your file. It will help malicious elements not to know your weak points. If you create an accurate Robots .txt file and optimize your website, you can access SEO services in India. 

Backlinks are the secret sauce.

Do you know that backlinks are the popular votes from other websites? The more is the quality of backlinks; the higher is the website rankings. You can praise your work and services on your landing page. 

But, when other websites put your citations and mention your website links, it means a lot. Google takes backlinks very seriously. There are abundant sources of backlinks like:

  • Guest blogs
  • Local SEO
  • Social media
  • Resource websites
  • Online journals and magazines

Mobile-friendly website

Smartphones, iPhones, and Tablets have become the lifeline of people. It is due to the number of applications and functionalities available. The interesting fact is that more than 90% of the world population access internet through mobiles. So, Google specially launched mobile-first indexing to cover mobile users. These are the parameters that improve a website’s mobile friendliness:

Responsive website: website must adjust itself according to the screen size.

AMP pages: Accelerated mobile pages help increase the speed of the websites almost eight times faster than standard web pages.

Robots .txt file: The website must allow web spiders to crawl on the mobile website.

Secured Website

Website security is the foremost requirement of the users. And Google keeps users in a higher position. Therefore, the website must have an SSL certificate approved. It will ensure the security of the website. Other than that, the website must not contain any spammy links or links that connect to malware or spyware.

Create content related to Search intent

Google uses the BERT algorithm and Artificial Intelligence to govern user’s search intent. It takes care of what users want. It was a revolutionary step to display accurate search results. A search having minor variations of words can have an altogether different meaning. For example: 

  • “Fitness center” means the user is looking for fitness centers near him. 
  • “Diet for fitness” user wants a diet combination to remain fit.
  • “Fitness exercises” user needs what the exercises to stay fit are.

 So, you must match your content with user intent to achieve higher rankings.

Make a strategy to reduce bounce rate.

Bounce rate can negatively affect your SEO. You can make a clear-cut strategy to reduce the bounce rate. You can follow these methods:

Engaging content: It is the secret sauce to bind customers for a long time. Content with bullet points, headings, subheadings, quotes, examples, infographics, and images are easier to read.

Relevant Internal links: It raises the curiosity of readers. If they want to know more about the topics, they can click on internal links.

Loading speed: The loading speed of the website must be less than 4 sec. At this age of 5G, internet speed is high. Otherwise, customers tend to leave the website.

Featured Snippets

Google has recently added featured snippets in the Zero-click results. Users can get answers to their queries from search results themselves. 

The first question arises, how can you appear in featured snippets. It is by giving relevant answers to the user’s queries. 

Second, how to bring users to your website? It is only possible your content can arouse the curiosity of the users.

Add Schema markup to your code.

Schema markup is the essential ingredient of displaying rich information to the users. How do search engines that person mentioned in the content is the author? Is it possible to show the venue, date, and prominent guests at the event? All this is possible with Schema Markup. 

Any business can benefit from Schema Markup. Let it be artists, bloggers, eCommerce, book reviews websites, or event management companies. Artists can highlight their portfolio with Schema markup.

Fixing Broken Links

Broken links in your website can be a nasty factor for users finding nothing while accessing your links. Therefore, fix any broken links by redirecting them or adding a 404 error code to them.


In brief, it’s the user that businesses need to focus on to be a top-notch website. Let it be:

  1. Generating quality content just like the Ilmibook site.
  2. Grab users from zero-click search results.
  3. Providing enhanced user experience.
  4. Or taking them on relevant links.

Search engines like Google are the vehicles to facilitate users. They use bots to access information on how users respond to your website data. So, how are you going to implement the SEO methods mentioned above?

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