extend the life of your laptop

Do you want to extend the life of your laptop? It’s a myth that the laptops are more expensive that lasts longest!

The truth is, laptop prices have been steadily declining for years now, and the price difference between them and their desktop counterparts has narrowed significantly. 

In fact, if you compare two models of similar quality from different manufacturers or retailers, you’ll find that the laptop may be cheaper by as much as $200. And because laptops use less power to operate, they can often last longer on battery power before needing to recharge. 

But what about all the features offered with high-end desktops? Well this means we need to take a closer look at your needs and desires when it comes to your computer purchase in order to figure out which one will best suit your lifestyle…

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1. Update your computer’s operating system

Sometimes operating  systems just receive updates that contain important security patches. These releases can be significant, so your computer might not necessarily run the same way it did before the update, and this could affect its performance.

2. Invest in a laptop cooler

While laptops are much better than they used to be regarding overheating issues, there is no doubt that prolonged use can create hot spots.

3. Reduce the effects of blue light

Blue lights in your devices may reduce your melatonin and suppress your immune system (even if you’re in a dark room). You can download apps that help filter out this light when using digital devices at night, such as f.lux for computers and iOS’s Night Shift Mode.

4. Replace your laptop’s keyboard and touchpad

They’re the main way you interact with your laptop, so it makes sense that these parts wear down over time due to general use. If you notice that keys are sticking or if the surface of the track pad feels uneven when you use it, think about replacing them right away before they become an even bigger problem.

5. Upgrade your computer’s RAM

Another way to help ensure that your laptop “lasts” is by adding more memory (RAM). As long as you’re using a compatible device, this upgrade can be done quite easily and quickly, so if you think you need more power than the laptop originally offered, consider this option.

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6. Don’t leave the charger plugged in when it is not being used

Leaving the charger always plugged into a power source when it’s not in use will slowly reduce your battery capacity over time. If you’re going to be away from your laptop for an extended period of time, take the charger with you.

7. Sleep better at night by turning off electronics

Electronics emit a blue light that will make it harder for you to fall asleep. If you’re using electronics at night (which can be difficult to avoid), put them on a setting that automatically turns off the blue light after a certain time period.

8. Be sure your laptop is ergonomically friendly

This means: make sure your laptop is set up in a comfortable and safe position for you, and that your hands and wrists are in a neutral position while typing for extended periods of time.

9. Consider a laptop stand or a docking station

This is an accessory that will make using the laptop easier by setting it on an elevated surface to make screen viewing more comfortable. You can adjust the stands as well, so if you’re doing some intensive work and need to move the laptop further away from you, that’s possible.

10. Consider a tablet instead of a laptop

Many people don’t realize how versatile today’s tablets are. They might not have as many capabilities as your laptop, but they offer easier portability and more security options than laptops do. And if you have a good phone, you might not even need a tablet!

11. Defragment your hard drive

As time goes on, the data on your computer will become fragmented, so while it might seem like your laptop is running slowly because of this, in reality what’s happening is that some files are scattered across different places on the drive and it’s slowing the laptop down.


Today, laptops offer a lot of options for those looking to buy new technology. So many features and products are flooding the marketplace that it can be hard to keep up with them all. 

If you need assistance finding the right laptop for your high school student or teenager, talk to Dell experts today. We’ll help narrow down your options so you can land on the perfect laptop for you.

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