Online shopping is an easy way

Almost everything you can buy at a local store can be bought at an online shop. Price comparison sites will find the cheapest merchant for you. But can you trust them? Many have fallen into online scams. They ordered the goods and paid for them, but unfortunately, they did not arrive.

Shop owners who want to stay away from the vast number of online retailers are trying to show off their quality with quality certificates.

Particularly extensive test criteria can be found at TrustedStores. A total of about 100 points place under the microscope, including credit, security, price transparency, reporting requirements, customer service, and privacy policy. In addition, it offers free buyer protection with a money-back guarantee. This applies even if the dealer goes bankrupt. What is shop pay already certified by over 8,000 online retailers?

 Also, not all are equally good seals. Some have already been awarded a certificate to encrypt the data sent, which is not surprising for all investors. Labels alone do not guarantee the quality of your online shop.

Pay safely on the internet

Internet, buyers are often uncertain when you pay. Which method is best for the goods to actually arrive? Is the data you provide on the Internet especially protected from your bank account or credit card number? “The safest thing for customers is when they can pay on invoices, but most traders try to prepay,” independent IT consultant Sebastian criticized online dealers’ payment preferences. .. Alternatively, you can debit the dealer.

Direct withdrawals can cancel for 6 weeks without any problems. C.O.D. is additional, but the order is costly. The advantage is that you only pay when you have the item in your hand. Credit cards also provide excellent protection. Money can easily recover when something goes wrong.

Known payment system

PayPal: Buyers and sellers must sign and register on the website of PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, before the first transaction. Your credit card or account data store. Because buyers and sellers remain anonymous. Payment makes in the seller’s account. He also has to pay a service line fee. eBay promotes proper buyer protection. “If the item is defective and damaged, PayPal will refund the purchaser,” said PayPal spokeswoman Alexander Lengen.

Google Checkout: Another secure payment system from Google.

Good old credit card

Experts recommend paying online with a credit card. The data must be sent online, but in many cases, you can also query with a 3-digit security code for security. Payments can cancel at any time if an error occurs, if the item does not arrive, or if the internet retailer goes bankrupt. Many banks exempt clients from liability if the card misuse and cannot Locke in time, according to a Visa spokeswoman. Serious negligence excludes. This means that the card has not carefully store, the PIN compromise or the obligation to report the loss of the card has not immediately complied.

What is shop pay online, credit card companies like VISA and MasterCard offer special password protection. Passwords only exchange between the cardholder and the bank. Meanwhile, about 20,000 dealers offer this option to their customers.

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