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Watching various TV shows like Sherlock and The Crown, have you ever been mesmerized based on how aesthetically a location has been portrayed? Have you always yearned to visit a vast and western continental land like Europe? Do you need to convince a friend to become your travel buddy or require some assignment writing service in UK on the same topic? Perhaps, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you get to go or not, this piece of writing will make sure that whatever you do, you’ll fall in love with the continent immediately.

Allow us to present you with the most convincing arguments as to why you must visit Europe at least once in your lifetime.

Rich history

If you’re an avid fan of The Crown and are obsessed with the Royal Family of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, you’d surely know all about their legendary history. However, Britain can’t be famous for just that. The architectural buildings are so breathtaking that they’re going to render you speechless at first sight.

Dating back to 2000 years, Rome’s museums and buildings will make you want to grasp at every turn. The city has stood like this for eons and much history has been preserved in these walls. There’s a story at every nook and cranny. Walk along the cobblestone of Prague’s Old Town or go fishing in the UNESCO-accredited village of Cinque Terre, Italy. How to battle Ransomware

A brand-new palate to try

Perhaps, you’re tired of eating the pseudo pizza version back at home, so indulge yourself in the exquisite cuisine of the west. Have the typical European breakfast consisting of ham, cheese, eggs with bread rolls and tea. You must have tea when you’re in Europe. If you don’t, you’d be borderline offending every European.

Try the traditional pizza and have your taste buds exclaim at the originality of the taste because it’ll be nothing like home. The most delicious and gorgeous-looking dessert will beckon you from the bakery windows but don’t fall for it, or else you’ll end up emptying your pockets on desserts only, especially if you have a sweet tooth. You’ve been warned.

Breath-taking sights await you

If you thought the architectural buildings were the best Europe had to offer, you’re going to be terribly mistaken. Europe is laden with scenic beauties in terms of nature, from the snow-capped Swiss Alps to the charming Italian coastline. You can keep looking and yet you won’t be able to take in all of it. You wouldn’t even want to blink in case you miss out on something much more beautiful. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone for assignment writing UK  and they’ll tell you the same.

The famed Eiffel Tower will make you want to curse yourself for traveling to the ‘city of love’ without someone to hang out with. That’s alright. You can always come back with the love of your life and share the awe-inspiring sights with them. Paris will be waiting for you.

A shopaholic’s heaven

If you had a hard time understanding why Becky in Confessions of a Shopaholic was so addicted to shopping. You’d get it at once you step into London, the heart of England. Sure, you can just pretend you’re here to see the Palace but let’s be real. You wouldn’t mind roaming Harrods or the entire Oxford Street under the pretence of window shopping.

We’d suggest you not visit Europe during December, though. Because you’d want to get your hands on every single Christmas ornament. So, if you’re not much of a fan of shopping, no sweat. Europe will make a shopaholic out of you in no time.

Celebrating even the smallest things

Speaking of Christmas, Europe takes great pride in celebrating pretty much every occasion. They’re a bunch of celebratory people who like to hold festivals every now and then. Whether it’d be wine or film or fashion, Europeans got it all. The music festival held in 2019 by the name of Glastonbury was the largest one held so far.

The Carnival of Venice and the Cannes Film Festival are the most recommended and well-known around the world. Attend these festivals and you’d find yourself enjoying with like-minded people who’d even give you a tour if they find out you’re new to the continent.

The finest collection of artefacts

If you’ve never gotten what’s the hype about Mona Lisa’s portrait perhaps, you’ll change your mind after seeing it for yourself. An up-close and personal should do the trick. Every museum from the Louvre in Paris to the Vatican City Museum. You’d wish you hadn’t wasted so much time imaging the scenarios from Dan Brown’s books because the reality is so much more surreal and you didn’t do the sceneries any justice.

We believe we’ve done a pretty decent job at providing you with sufficient material for you to book yourself a trip right away.

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