Security experts have warned users that there has been a delay in bringing security updates to Facebook Messenger. He urged Android and iOS users to stay away from the app immediately.

He warned that users’ privacy and content were at risk because of the lack of end-to-end encryption in Messenger, like Facebook’s other messaging app, WhatsApp.

“You can have your private conversations with secure apps like WhatsApp, Single,” cybersecurity expert Jack Doffman wrote in an article on Forbes. But, it is real. A third party can now access Messenger conversations from two devices. ‘

“Many of us may not know that end-to-end encryption services are not automatically implemented in Facebook Messenger,” he wrote. You can go to the settings yourself and make it a private conversation. But, this feature is not in group chat. ‘

Of course, the Facebook company is also aware of this security vulnerability. Some time ago, it also announced the provision of end-to-end encryption service in Messenger. This feature is expected to be available to users in the coming year 2022.

“We are preparing to make end-to-end encryption available in all our messaging apps,” said Facebook, adding that only the sender and receiver will be able to access the user’s private messages. This means we will not have access to the message. ”

Until end-to-end encryption is implemented, cyber security experts have suggested not to use Facebook Messenger for security reasons.

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