Wi-fi is also known as the family of radio technologies that are commonly used for the wireless local area networking (WLAN) It is also the trademark of wifi alliances. It restricts the use of the wifi Certified to products which successfully complete inseparability system in certification testing.

The devices which can use Wi-Fi technologies including and smartphones and tablets smart tv printers, desktops, digital audio players, laptops, digital cameras, cars, and drones.

Some of the compatible devices which can connect to one to other Wi-Fi through a different wireless access point as well as it connects Ethernet devices and may have it to access the Internet.

The access point or a hotspot itself has a range of approximately 20 meters which is about 66 ft indoors and a greater than a range outdoors.

Wi-Fi potentially has an easier or compatible to attack than wired networks because anyone within range of a network and different tools with a kind of wireless network interface controller can also attempt access. Talking about the name of Wi-Fi, which is commercially used as early as in August 1999.

It was developed by the brand-consulting firm i.e Interbrand. The Wi-Fi Alliance had hired Inter-brand to make the name as “a little catchier than ‘IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence’ comes in effect.

If you don’t know How can we change our wifi name for our router network SSID some of them are mentioned in the link.

  • Always try to select a different kind of best WiFi name.
  • Never show your important information and data through Cool WiFi names.
  • You have to make your Network SSID name and Password must be different in any..
  • You should always remember that your WiFi name will not hurt anyone.


3. wifi for One Night Stand
4. I love your GF
5.You Will Not Connect
6.One Network to Rule the world
7.The God of the WANs
8.Tony Stark’s WLAN
9.Go Gone beest Internet
10.No Network Found
11.Get out Off My LAN!
12.at your own risk
13.Connection Lost Problem
14.God of The Wi-Fi
15.It Hurts When IPlove
16.Have Your Own Wi-Fi
19. Wi-Fi Is Infected Virus
20. HackThisIfYouareking
22.Down Your Own Wi-Fi Public
23.Wireless Gang
24. I Love my wifi
25.One Day Free
26. To her I love
27.Use at your yourself own risk
28.Let them use us
29. Take your dog shit
30.You are my beautiful crush
31.Area 35 kilo
32. Shrauk-ka-fan
33.Very slow internet
34.Tell My Wife I Love you
35.Your wifi is Sleeping down
36. 100 an hour
37.Cafe and Wi-Fi for GF=Good day
38.Cafe place=Time-pass
40.Cafe+Wi-Fi=All-in-One enjoy
41.Anything else sir je
42.tell me know how was the coffee
43.One coffee for Wi-Fi password
44. Cafe Coffee
45.at the right Cafe
46.Why are you here please
47.FBI Surveillance Van is there
48. It Burns When I go
49.No Wi-fi
50.Drop like A Hotpots

52.Work smart but no hard

53.My Office not home
54.I am the boss
55.Need for speed is limited
56.Work is Done
57.Very low internet
58.Wifi Loading…
59.Searching you

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60.Virus not Detected!
61.VIRUS City
62.Virus- Wi-Fi
63. Wi-Fi at risk
64.Text #### for Password
65.Hell ____ for Password
66.The Password Is 7890
67.Don’t even try
68.Lost Your Connection
69.Connect and Die now
70.Public Wi-Fi
71.Free Wi-Fi zone
72.Get Your Own Wi-Fi
73.It Hurts When IP is blocked
74.Downloading virus now
75.Click and pay now
76.Virus setup
77.Home security
78.Bandwidth for selling
79.secured Wi-Fi
80.Sell ​​my friend’s iPhone X
81.Free WIFI. damn
82.WiFi fall down
83.Network error coming
84.Not connect easily
85.the WiFi that you are looking for
86. under CCTV surveillance
87.Open a you own data
88.It’s not paid by your mother
89.Enter the beast network
90.Click here for virus
91.connect to this WiFi
92.protected WI-Fi
93.You do not get our WI-Fi
95.Your hotpots or our WiFi
96.Look at your side for the password
97.Secret network found
98.Free Bitcoins here
99. Prohibition navigation
100. YouTube is forbidden


Above mentioned are some cool interesting WI-FI names that we have made for you. Now you can choose any type of whether you want to have.

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