Sneeze Guard

Multiple studies have already stated the importance of sneeze guards and how they help in reducing the current spread of respiratory diseases. They can always impede the room’s ventilation and the barriers will look more effective at blocking the particles, which are later exhaled by coughs than those particles exhaled by speaking.

A controlled test has proven that taller barriers will prevent around 70% of the particles from any simulated cough from reaching the other side, as well measured through the particle counter. So, if you are in a business, where you have to focus on interacting with individuals directly, then you might want to get your hands on sneeze guard. It will help you to protect your employees and avoid worker’s compensation cases as well!

Plastic types used for manufacturing the guards:

Sneeze guards are primarily advertised under various materials. Most of the firms will be selling the guards, which are made using clear acrylic plastic.

  • Acrylic is mainly known as Plexiglas, which is made using Poly. This material is finally sold under multiple names.
  • Some other commonly known materials will be polycarbonate, which is way more flexible and less flammable plastic. And then some others are focusing on PETG.
  • As there is always a growing concern associated with these guards now, the education department releases a memo a few times back that some barriers need to be made using polycarbonate materials because of the fire code.
  • Right now, a fire test is really important before selecting the best material for sneeze guards. The material which can withstand fire is always a good call to make sneeze guards and also keeping them long-lasting in their works.

Acrylic is a significant material:

One of the most common materials for making sneeze guards, acrylic is a plastic or a polymer, which is made translucent or transparent. The items are popular because they are relatively lower in cost, light in weight, and can be cast into multiple shapes easily. Don’t forget to check in with the common brands making acrylic guards for your safety.

The value of polycarbonate:

It is noted to be plastic, but can also prove to be tougher and crack resistant when compared to acrylic. Polycarbonate is mainly used for airplane windshields, machine safety guards, bulletproof barriers, and some other shields in need of penetration and shatterproof protection. Just like acrylic, don’t forget to focus on the branded versions of this option now.

AcrylicFlex X – one option to address:

With all the same uses and benefits you need, this material is pretty exceptional for barriers. They are also amazing protective dividers that you can aim for. By contrast, this form of material is one extruded acrylic sheet, which is available in multiple thicknesses. It can start from 3.0mm to 9.5mm sheets and can hike up to 4 feet x 8 feet.

So, don’t forget to check in with the materials first before you can aim for the top-class sneeze guards. Options are limitless, but you need to do your research.

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