Depression, Side Effects And Treatment To Overcome It

Our mind is connected to numerous factors in our life. It plays a vital role in handling situations and normalizing the reactions against them. We have to keep it stable to avoid unlikely circumstances, stability of mind is a pivot of our healthy life; if the mind is not stable, we might face multiple mental diseases. Our environment and society also contribute to this process. If you are looking for a flat for sale in Karachi, It could be a hectic and stressful process until you reach JagahOnline for assistance. Save yourself from avoidable stress and search for solutions.


Depression is one of the mental diseases that are so common in the World. Youngsters suffer it more than any other age group. Depression makes a person hollow from the inside, which causes a lack of interest in life events, mood instability, and negative thoughts. If we further discuss it, we will find some causes and symptoms of it along with treatment.


Symptoms of Depression

Feeling of emptiness

A depressed person has a constant feeling of emptiness no matter how cheerful their peers are. Depressed people have no purpose and motivation in life because of emptiness which leads them to harmful consequences. 


Lack of interest or no interest in anything

Due to depression, lack of interest generates in mind. No matter how exciting the life events are, depression dulls them and turns into impassive feelings.  


Suicidal thoughts

When the depression gets chronic because of no treatment and ignorance, suicidal thoughts arise in the mind. These suicidal thoughts unfurl in the mind of depressed people that they fail to control. Ideas stir into mind about death and disappearance from the World.



A depressed mind starts to overthink round the clock. Past failures and future fears start haunting a depressed person.


Loss of appetite/overeating

Either the patient loses appetite or falls into an overeating disorder. Both are extreme cases that show the symptoms of mental illness.


Consistently sad and angry or Overly rejoicing. 

Again, both opposite moods could be the sign of depression. Either the patient is too sad and angry or jubilates on minor events. Make sure you can judge the mood of a depressed person.


Causes of Depression

Poor self-management

When you do not have self-management skills, you fail to overcome your reactions. Learn to manage your thoughts and tame them to avoid any aftermath of shock.


Low Emotional intelligence 

If your emotional intelligence is low, you may fall into mental illness. Our mind is like a machine; if we let it overheat, it will crash. Learn methods and skills of controlling your emotions to tackle mental illness.


Trauma/Family issues

Childhood trauma, loss of loved ones or family issues can lead to severe aftermaths. Depression attacks those who face mental breakdown or trauma; Your mind must be aerobicized to tackle these issues.


Drug abuse/Addiction

Addiction is one of the leading causes of depression, every addiction has its horrid side effects. Those who tumble into this curse find themself in depression due to a poor lifestyle of drug abuse and addiction.



  • Accept failure.
  • Live in the present; forget the past, and stop worrying about the future.
  • Be content, learn to live with what you have, and stop comparison with others.
  • Seek a psychologist.
  • Improve your daily life routine.
  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine and other drugs.



Live your life with contentment, you can not achieve everything in your life. Everyone has a different challenge in life; you can’t fit in others’ shoes. Only you know how to tackle your problems, and you can achieve your goals. If you are willing to avoid depression, stress or any mental problem; you need to learn how to stay happy even in the worst circumstances of your life. 

Make your life, home, and society a gleeful place where your body and soul can recover. There are many societies where you can find a flat for sale in Karachi for a gratified life. Visit JagahOnline to have your home solutions.


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