Lookah has featured many smoke devices along with their tools and accessory bundle to complete the vapes. So, have you ever heard about the lookah seahorse pro glass accessories? If you have used the seahorse pro then, you must know about these glass accessories.

Lookah seahorse pro is something that has come into the life of the smoker as a magical tool. This tool has made the life of a chain smoker easier because now he doesn’t need to switch on various devices. Thus, that is the reason here I am with this amazing review.

The lookah seahorse pro has gained much success and thus, after gaining a huge amount of success lookah has launched its accessories. Thus, with these accessories your experience of smoke becomes lit. So, let’s talk more about it!

Lookah seahorse pro glass tube replacements

The lookah seahorse pro glass accessories include the glass tubes. The glass tubes have several features that make them worth it. Do you want to know what they are? If yes, then let’s go down for further details:

The best substitute for the damaged mouthpiece

The lookah seahorse pro glass tubes are the best alternative if you’ve accidentally broken them. So, using the glass tubes is the best substitute for your damaged mouthpiece. Never try to recycle your damaged mouthpiece otherwise, it can hurt you.

Easy to maintain and clean

The glass tubes are germicidal because we all know that glass is more effective in terms of hygiene. Thus, lookah seahorse pro offers glass tubes, as they are easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or another solvent.

Non-porous glass

Glass is non-porous, thus it has many advantages. Do you know what non-porous means? It means that it doesn’t absorb any type of smell, odor, or aroma. Thus, you’ll not experience any type of smell with these glass tubes. Additionally, it helps in preserving the actual taste of the product without changing it.

Good dimensions

The lookah seahorse pro glass accessories have wide dimensions. It supports external dimensions about 78mm by 166mm and the internal dimensions are 7mm and 12mm. so, you can enjoy a greater amount of vapes and powerful hits with these lookah accessories.

Premium packs

Lookah seahorse pro accessories come with a pack of 2 or 5. So, if you want to enjoy the real perks then, buy the lookah seahorse pro with the 2 or 5 packs. This will enhance the taste and quality of your vapes. It will make vaping easy for you.

How can you use these lookah pro glass accessories?

As I mentioned above, lookah pro has come up with glass accessories. These glass accessories include the replacement glass tubes that can be if your glass mouthpiece gets damaged. So, if you want its appropriate use and efficient output then, follow up this guideline:

  •         So, first, grind your herb and put it into the glass bowl
  •         Next, if you want to vape wax then it’s your own choice
  •         For wax vaping you should choose the exclusive mode
  •         There are two modes available manual mode and exclusive mode
  •         For manual mode, you need to switch on the button 3 times
  •         Unlike manual mode in the exclusive mode, you need to press it 5 times
  •         So, after selecting the mode switch the button 3 or 5 times
  •         Now the coils will start heating ultimately
  •         Now a few seconds later inhale your first dab with mouthpiece or glass tubes
  •         Keep it in your mouth for some seconds and then exhale

The bottom line – Seahorse Pro Lookah

Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories are rare but brilliant bundles of vaping. This is the whole happiness bundle that provides smokers ultimate satisfaction. Thus, to enjoy the ultimate perks of vapes and great hits, buy lookah seahorse pro with accessories.

You’ll enjoy this experience and also get the advantage of extra glass tubes in case of any mishap. So, after use don’t forget to give us your kind feedback. Thank you! 

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