x-ray of brain showing tumor. Computer generated images with correct male anatomy, showing brain with a glowing tumor inside.

The brain tumor is one of the most deadly diseases in the human body. Although it can be cancerous and non-cancerous depending on several factors, it can be pretty impactful and lead to severe consequences. That is why it needs immediate attention, even if you map out the slightest symptoms of it. But if you are not aware of the symptoms, you might be caught up in a dilemma regarding the same. However, if you can identify any signs, make sure you visit the best brain hospital for a brain tumor in India right away. It is bound to help you.

In this article, we will talk about the causes and different treatments of a brain tumor in detail so that you can understand the problem and find the correct fix for the same. Could you stick with us?

What Is Brain Tumor?

When abnormal cells start to grow in your brain, a brain tumor occurs on its own. Many different types of brain tumors are why the speed of their growth may differ accordingly. If the brain tumor is cancerous, it may develop either in the brain or spread to it via different body parts. That is why timely diagnosis from the best brain hospital for a brain tumor in India is essential. There are also various treatments available for the same that you will find out one by one below.

What Are The Types Of Brain Tumors?

Several types of brain tumors may range from Brain metastases, astrocytoma, acoustic neuroma, and glioma. Pituitary tumors are also quite common today. Pediatric brain tumors and embryonal tumors may also be expected. As such, you need to be quite cautious about them when trying to live a healthy living. Some of the main symptoms of a brain tumor may be:

  1. Speech problems
  2. Decision-making difficulty
  3. Hearing aid
  4. Slow sensation loss
  5. Different levels of headache
  6. Unexplained nausea or vomiting
  7. Difficulty with balance
  8. Incapable of following standard commands
  9. Personality or behavioral alternations
  10. Headaches that keep growing and becoming severe
  11. Feeling exhausted all the time.

If you experience these symptoms, call upon the best hospital for a brain tumor in India for treatment. We do not recommend any delay.

What Are The Causes Of Brain Tumor In India?

Generally, a brain tumor starts in the brain or maybe in some tissues around it. Cranial nerves, pituitary glands, or brain-covering membranes are the most common places where the brain tumor may begin to erupt from. It primarily develops when normal cells start to undergo a type of change that is known as mutations. This mainly occurs in the DNA. These mutations command the growth of cells and continue to dominate even when the health cells pass away. This is when the growth of abnormal cells lead to brain tumor gradually. In such cases, it is essential to visit the best hospital for a brain tumor in India on time.

Usually, in adults, a brain tumor may not be so frequent. But secondary brain tumors that may be a result of cancer are easier to spread. Cancer may originate from one part of the body but eventually spread to the brain leading to a tumor. Some examples of this type of tumor may be:

  1. Germ cell tumors
  2. Craniopharyngiomas
  3. Medulloblastomas
  4. Pituitary adenomas
  5. Meningiomas

What Are The Treatments For Brain Tumor In India?

Before you seek treatment, it is essential to diagnose the disease. For this purpose, you may have to undergo a neurological exam that follows a few imaging tests. You may also have to collect a few tissue samples that may come out from the biopsy report. When the tumor is confirmed, you need to seek the following treatments per your doctor’s recommendation.

1.    Radiation Therapy

High-energy beams are used to kill the tumor cells in this process. This may occur from a specific machine that is used on your body or placed inside your body. The latter may be used on rare occasions but may be necessary during those times. There may also be some side effects of this type of treatment but do not worry, as your doctor will give you the right ways to deal with it.

2.    Radiosurgery

In this process, several beams of radiation are also applied to your brain to kill the tumor cells. With this treatment, killing precise tumor cells even in a small area is possible. But here, the radiation treatment is more focused on being ready to get successful results on time.

3.    Chemotherapy

This is one of the most popular ways to kill cancer cells in the brain. In this type of therapy, the use of drugs is made to do the trick. However, it can only be consumed orally or injected into a specific vein. Depending on the type of cancer, chemotherapy is recommended to select patients.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most common types of brain tumor causes and treatments for you to learn about. Make sure you visit the best hospital for a brain tumor in India in case of any brain abnormalities. They will help you out.

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