Feeling good in your clothes is essential to simply feeling good. Have you noticed that we are often in the search for conformity? We bow to fashions by adopting, for example, a minimalist 40-piece wardrobe , or by buying all the essentials of the 2019 wardrobe. The problem with this approach is that we do not listen to each other. We don’t adapt fashion to our needs. On the contrary, we try to reproduce the winter or summer wardrobe of a certain woman that we like. And finally, we don’t feel comfortable in our clothes. To build your ideal dress grade, you have to be inspired, of course. For that, you can look at the site of Anne Montecer , on theIdeal dressing room (or his Instagram account ), or read blogs or books on the subject. But above all, you have to listen to yourself, understand yourself and enjoy yourself. In this article, I offer you 5 tips to start a wardrobe that looks like you, all at low prices

Towards an Optimal Dress Style

When our dress style is not optimal our self – confidence can be affected . All this for a piece of fabric that we spent time, money and euphoria on. And then we go from love to hate in a few weeks. There are many websites available online to fashion xchange mag of any exchange website to learn more. to finally store this new item of clothing deep in our closet, next to these other friends, the “unloved” ones in the closet. In my old closet, the “unloved” club had far too many subscribers. He always welcomed new ones, always taking up more space.

And then one day I decided to love all of my clothes . And to love them all, I had to love myself 100% inside. It was therefore necessary that a garment completed all my criteria that I imposed on it. By sorting out, I separated myself from the “unloved ones” to keep only my favorite clothes. That was the first step. The second was to add only 100% optimal pieces to my closet . Good news, today I like all my clothes equally. And I can tell you that I feel very good about that!

If you followed my little path, it is the desire for the optimal that motivated me to have an ideal dressing room for ME . Not for fashion. Only for my own style. I told myself that I was going to share my method with you, so that you too could have your ideal wardrobe.

Be Comfortable in Your Clothes

In this beautiful stack of optimal clothes, you will also notice that all these clothes, in addition to being well adjusted to your figure , making you feel beautiful, cool, sublime, etc., are also very comfortable . Yes, comfort matters a lot. No one likes spending an entire day in those slightly too tight high waisted pants, the one you have to unbutton after lunch.

Now imagine your little pill of optimal clothing making up your entire wardrobe. Imagine, every morning, no longer hesitating about your daily outfit . Know exactly what to wear and above all be 100% certain of the comfort and the result that your outfit would bring you. All this time was saved. All that frustration avoided.

As a former spender of sub-optimal clothing, I spent many days feeling inadequate. I spent a lot of time and money on clothes that I ended up wearing very little. Since I switched to an optimal dressing , it’s quite the opposite. I decide in 5 seconds what to wear depending on the day ahead. All in a comfort and a style that I love. And if the others don’t like it, too bad.

So feel free to separate yourself from all your skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, shorts, pants, coats, shoes, sweaters, pajamas, accessories, too big, too small, too uncomfortable, too ugly, too non-optimal 

With the stack of optimal clothes, create outfits. A T-shirt never comes on its own. Your goal is to make the optimal combinations of outfits for several occasions: work outfits, casual outfits, sports outfits, etc. But also for the seasons: ideal dressing for summer, winter, autumn, spring . So start with the optimal clothing stack. Then keep an optimal piece of clothing on you and try to create other outfits with less or less optimal clothing. Maybe you can create other outfits that match your style and in which you feel good.

A word of advice: to remember all those great outfits , take a picture of yourself and store them in a folder on your phone. Think of this folder as your ideal virtual closet.


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