How to choose a gyro scooter?

When choosing a gyro scooter, look at its following characteristics:

  • Maximum load. Always look at the user’s weight for which the Hoverboards for Sale is designed – this is a key parameter. In this case, not only the maximum but also the minimum weight is important: for example, if a child is riding a hoverboard. Powerful models may simply ignore an overly light driver;
  • Key parameter: the higher the power of the mini-segway, the more thrust. On a powerful machine, you will not lose speed on the rise, powerful hoverboards are better suited for heavy riders. In modern hoverboards, the power ranges from 300 W to 800 W ;
  • Wheel diameter. We already wrote about this above: the larger the diameter of the wheels, the more comfortable you will ride, but the heavier and more massive the two-wheeled platform itself will be. In any case, if on your usual route there is not very good asphalt – or if you ride on off-road – we recommend choosing a gyro scooter with large wheels ;
  • Bluetooth and speakers. If you like to ride not only with the breeze but also with music, it makes sense to choose a mini-segway with built-in speakers. Speakers are better than headphones from the player since they do not interfere with the hearing of others – it will be safer to ride.

Which gyro scooter to choose?

There are four main manufacturers on the Russian market, whose products are worth paying attention to. It:

  • Wmotion. The Chinese manufacturer produces, perhaps, swegway, the most budgetary hoverboards in the world (not counting all kinds of nameless models and fakes) – budget and reliable. In addition, the company is known for its excellent support for Russian clients and attention to the Russian market; there are several branded service centers;
  • HoverBot. A younger brand that also relies heavily on Russia. Produces reliable and durable hoverboards of the mid-price category, they will be an excellent choice for everyday trips;
  • Smart Balance. If you are wondering how to choose a premium hovercraft, you can just look at the Smart range. The company produces really beautiful and durable hoverboards designed for maximum user comfort. Moreover: it was Smart who was among the first to come to the idea of ​​removing the steering wheel from the Segway, making it more compact and maneuverable – in fact, they came up with hoverboards;
  • Ecodrift. How to choose an off-road hoverboard? First, take a look at the Ecodrfit models. This company makes the most powerful 800-watt hoverboards on the market. Large, powerful, reliable;
  • Razor. Unquestionably the best device in the world. This is the highest quality Hoverboard Cheap UK from the famous world brand. No hovercraft even comes close to comparing to the HoverTrax 2.0. We wrote a whole article in which we clearly showed and talked about this sensation. Read it on our blog. If you are concerned about the question “How to choose a good hovercraft and not overpay”, there is only one answer: Razor HoverTrax 2.0!

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