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It’s not easy to lose weight. It takes a lot of exercise and a decreased intake of unhealthy foods. Many people would rather have a pleasant experience while achieving their weight loss goals. Imagine being able to lose weight while also feeling relaxed after a slimming treatment. You should still combine the Body Slimming Massage and healthy eating habits , but this will be a method you won’t stop using.

There are many massage options available. Each one targets a specific problem. Massages can help to loosen tight muscles and relieve pain.

The Body Slimming Massage

A slimming massage causes friction to heat the skin and triggers micro circulation. This then leads to an increase in fat metabolism. Slimming massages for the body stimulate connective tissue movement, and lymphatic drainage in our digestive tract. This allows fats to be absorbed and then transported from the intestinal tract into the liver.

The main organ responsible for burning fat is the liver. To reduce fat accumulation, it should be maintained in good health. The lymph system is responsible for eliminating extra water, cellular waste, and other toxic substances.

slimming massage singapore

Different types of slimming massages

Divine Hands Aroma Slimming Massage

The divine massage’s aroma-slimming hands increase metabolism and blood circulation. This massage targets trouble areas such as the stomach, arms, and calves to reduce fat. It improves lymphatic drainage and improves the tone of various parts of the body.

Meridian Massage

TCM meridians are also called acupressure vessels in TCM. They are energy channels of the body’s energy (Qi). MRT stations are connected to Meridians and allow people to move around Singapore. If MRT stations or lines get blocked, the transportation system will stop working. TCM says that Qi (or Blood) can’t flow freely to nourish the body if meridians become blocked. This is essential for good organ health. Meridian massage can be used in many ways to stimulate various points of acupressure within the body. TCM can also be used to slim your body. This massage targets acupressure point that can affect weight loss or gain. Acupressure points can help improve digestion, organ health, and digestive function. When stimulated, certain acupressure points can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Gua Sha Slimming

Gua sha refers to a deep scraping process that uses the specialized, gua-sha tool to scrape the body in order to stimulate specific energy lines. Gua Sha Slimming stimulates certain areas of the body, much like meridian massages. Gua Sha Slimming encourages healing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. It aids in digestion and balance of the inner organs. This can reduce cellulite and tighten the skin.

Anti-water retention Slimming Massage

Bad lifestyle choices, such as not being active enough, not eating enough salty foods, and not drinking enough fluids, can often lead to water retention. This can cause weight fluctuations, swelling, puffiness, and other symptoms.

Anti-water retention slimming massaging stimulates blood circulation to promote blood flow and rid the body of toxins. This massage for slimming can be used in conjunction with other techniques to tighten and tone the skin.

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